9th Apr 2021

Snowed In Studios Issues Call for Top Development Talent

Snowed In Studios today announces a recruitment drive as it ramps up its volume to cater to premium brands and companies wishing to enter the console and PC gaming market.

Snowed In Studios is searching for a wide array of talented game developers locally and internationally at its Ottawa location – designers, creatives and experienced programmers to help create the next-generation console games – making way for the demand for at-home and deep engagement experiences.

The Keywords Game Development studio has experienced rapid growth in the past two years, nearly quadrupling in size since being acquired by Keywords.

The Snowed In Studios team members pictured together
Snowed In Studios team members pictured together

“The home entertainment market is skyrocketing and we are putting our foot in the door to be the go-to studio for a new segment of triple-A titles, as more producers dip their toes into the creation of experiences that only console gaming can provide,” said Studio Head, Jean-Sylvain Sormany.

Founded in 2009 by a group of video game industry veterans, Snowed In Studios has grown into an industry leader in game and interactive media development, having worked with some of the largest names in gaming, including Bethesda, Eidos, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

With a high standard in its hiring and exclusive clientele, the studio has been able to offer some of the industry’s best working conditions, including flexible hours, generous time off, health benefits, and a collaborative, zero-crunch work environment.

Portrait image of Snowed In Studios  Studio Head, Jean-Sylvain Sormany
Snowed In Studio Head, Jean-Sylvain Sormany

Snowed In’s team members actively support local community initiatives such as the Parkdale Food centre and Upstream Ottawa Mental Health Support as well as participating in university open day events and mixers. 

As part of the Keywords Studios, Snowed In Studios works across all aspects of games development, from Art, Audio, Localization, Marketing, Functionality QA, to Game Science and Player Support.

“We’ve seen the massive opening in the console industry for truly creative experiences, and we are bullish about gathering the people that will help us push gaming into new levels of creativity,” said Senior Producer Nigel Franks. 

“We are building a studio where community involvement locally and in the industry is key, as well as making sure we preserve our culture of putting employee welfare first.

“Whether that’s in community volunteer work or pandemic care packages, community care will make the next 10 years of gaming into something truly remarkable with our new creative push.”

Positions available include senior and intermediate generalist programmers, full stack game programmers, rendering programmers, artists, technical artists and game designers.

To see the full list of available careers, interested candidates should reach out to Snowed In Studios’ recruitment team at snowedin.ca/recruiting/. Find out more about Snowmie culture by connecting on social @snowedinstudios.

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