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Mighty Build and Test

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Our core belief is that automation should free up game developers' time for creativity and innovation.

Mighty Build and Test, understands that developing games is hard. To automate, assist and accelerate game development we provide a trio of technology pillars that work together to deliver fantastic CI/CD, functional and localization testing results.

In a single month we can undertake 5000+ builds using BuildBot, conducting 70,000+ hours of automated testing - numbers which are growing every day.


BTW, I’ve been telling literally every developer I know about how great your BuildBot stuff is. I would never make a game again without this. I am regularly saying now, it still keeps me up at night that we didn’t have this for the last two years.
Patrick Ewing 
Neo Cab


An all-in-one Continuous Integration solution designed to meet the challenges of game development. 

Requiring simply read-only access to a game's repository, BuildBot provides continuous builds from any engine to any device or platform, delivering on any schedule and scale and reducing technical burden on maintenance and developer teams.

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An AI-driven FQA robot which can play titles across hundreds of instances on hundreds of devices and discover, reproduce and report bugs. TestBot systems are injected using our BuildBot and Read-Only repository access, and then are directed and refined according to projects' specific needs.

TestBot excels in the detection of bugs that are difficult to find and replicate. Working in conjunction with BugBot, our tool for defect tracking and error reporting, it captures screenshots and gifs of bugs as well as detailed logs, all of which are sent directly to client chat channels and can be forwarded to Jira or similar platforms.


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ProofBot collaborates with TestBot to discover strings of text in games in multiple languages. Both combine in sifting through game data as they play and registering player information, language settings, screen aspect ratio as well as the localization key and displayed text. This allows an LQA tester to see text in context without dedicating hours to playing.

ProofBot is an entirely automated and responsive solution for localization and LQA, with built-in AI processing and readability verification. It has its own AI backend to analyse screenshots against metadata, and computer-vision tools to compare each image with the text that should be displayed. This enables ProofBot to catch carriage overflow issues, incorrect language, missing translation keys and more!

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The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

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Take 2 Interactive
Sony interactive entertainment
Perfect World
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