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Keywords Studios Colleague at Holborn London Office

Labs at Keywords Studios

The global home of client-focused games and entertainment innovation

The games industry is constantly innovating. From early examples like Pong to the vast open-world games of today, video games have always been powered by innovation. How they look, how they are made and what they can do: games are evolving constantly.

Labs at Keywords Studios exists to accelerate that innovation and help developers and publishers build better games faster and more effectively. Think of Labs at Keywords Studios as a magnifying glass. We direct the energy, experience and thought-leadership of Keywords’ past and present towards the future, forging ahead to minimise disruption and maximise opportunity for the industry of tomorrow. 


Comprising not only centralised initiatives but also the diverse innovation programmes of our global studios, Labs at Keywords Studios creates opportunities as yet unimagined and solves problems as yet unpredicted.

To help us do that, we are calling on everyone in the video games industry to share how they believe we can improve.

Ideas will be evaluated by our experts from across every industry discipline, and when we see potential we will invest time, resources and our deep technical expertise to bring it to fruition.

Jeroen Bouwman and Jamie Campbell Keywords Studios Employee at Holborn London Office

Want to participate?

As a Keywords employee

Tell us about pain-points you come up against in your work or things that you believe could work more effectively. We want to hear what could save you time, improve the quality of your work, or remove friction from processes in which you are involved.

As a Keywords client

What are the problems that keep you up at night? What is preventing you from shipping better games, faster? What are the issues you see on the horizon?

To anyone in the game industry ecosystem

Register yourself on our platform, including your specific skill or area of expertise. We’re looking for freelancers, small teams, companies with technical solutions and academic institutions. As we begin to innovate in areas raised through this initiative we want to call on the right people and organisations from the wider video games ecosystem to help us.

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