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Sunday Gold: A World Born at Volta

Volta's talented team of artists partnered with BKOM Studios to bring the dystopian and cinematic world of Sunday Gold to life.

Sunday Gold has been met with critical acclaim since its release in 2022, winning awards for Best Visual Art and Best Art Direction at the 2022 NYX Awards, as well as Best Visual Art and Design at Game Connexion 2023.

The Challenge

At the start of 2015, a talented trio of artists from VOLTA combined to embark on an ambitious new project. This collaboration gave birth to Sunday Gold, a universe that would become the scene of an epic adventure.

During the initial phases of development, our artists worked closely together, crafting designs to meticulously define the game’s artistic style. This resulted in compelling character and creature concepts, slowly but surely setting in place a narrative to bring the world of Sunday Gold  to life.

Visual Research

Key Deliverables

After some time dedicated to artistic development, a formal game design plan was developed which included a comprehensive collection of design concepts. It was during this time that the primary characters and main adversaries were established for Sunday Gold.

Character line up

The Solution

The plan was then shared with industry partners with a view to forming a co-development partnership to bring these ideas to life in the game. It was at this stage our friends at BKOM Studios joined us.

At this point, Sunday Gold officially entered the pre-production phase, where VOLTA’s original concepts were developed and documented in a comprehensive game design plan of action. During this period, Studio 17 also came on board as publisher, playing a decisive role in the game's development.

Sunday Gold Character mug shots
Sunday Gold character Frank Barber
Sunday Gold Creature cash music
sunday gold maneuverhound

The Results

Throughout the project’s development, VOLTA maintained its central role in the artistic direction of the game. Dedicated efforts were made to select the artists working on the project, ensuring a consistent artistic style and unwavering commitment to high-quality standards throughout production.

Our artistic commitment to the project remained steadfast until the end of 2021, when we entrusted BKOM Studios to fine-tune the gameplay mechanics you see onscreen.

Since its launch, Sunday Gold has enjoyed tremendous success, particularly on the artistic front. We are extremely proud of the realisation of this vision, rooted in VOLTA’s creative spirit. The overwhelmingly positive reaction to the game within the video game community is evidence of the dedication and vision of our artists, and the entire team behind this endeavour.

Drone prop concept drawings
sunday gold secret meeting room
Sunday gold service room
Sunday Gold the study

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