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Embedded Services

Customised, collaborative solutions that deliver the power of global partnership within your existing framework.

Keywords Studios’ global network enables us to deliver top-tier services from anywhere on the planet. Some clients, however, require a solution which is integrated within their own systems, targeting key skill sets and managing the end-to-end delivery of programmes in-house. 

That’s where our Embedded Services come in. 

We can build and deliver a team with a bespoke suite of specialisations to work within your existing infrastructure, using your own internal systems and allaying any potential concerns over the security of proprietary data, software or hardware. 


Our project managers’ collaborative expertise is industry-leading

Our project managers can put in place the systems and workflows necessary to make the embedded team an organic extension of yours – while absorbing increased overheads and employee-benefit expenditure. Our project managers will work hand-in-hand with you to develop an optimised solution that delivers both unbeatable results and ongoing efficiencies.

Some features of Keywords’ Embedded Services

With 50+ embedded teams already in place and delivering reliably stellar results for partners across the globe, Keywords’ Embedded Services are the answer for clients seeking to access the expertise, experience and cutting-edge technology of our worldwide network while keeping every aspect of production integrated within their existing systems. 

  • Scheduling, resource allocation and task assignment
  • Monitoring of budgets, purchase orders and invoices
  • Development and delivery of scheduled and ad-hoc reports
  • Analysis of actual versus budgeted costs
  • Recruitment of staff and on-boarding of project resources
  • Monthly/quarterly business reviews 


The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

WB Games
Take 2 Interactive
Sony interactive entertainment
Perfect World
NetEase Games
Square Enix
Bandai Namco games
Tencent games
Riot Games
Electronic Arts
Cyber Agent