At Keywords Studios, we understand the importance of delivering innovative and creative art assets that are true to our client’s vision. Our expert teams produce art creations that are tailored to specific design requirements, technical specifications and client expectations.

We are highly experienced and provide outstanding design and production services, regularly contributing to the success of some of the most renowned video games in the industry..

With many passionate and experienced artists, and our own schools to develop and nurture upcoming talent, we can deliver the best tailored art offerings for our client’s video game art requirements. Our impressive deliverables include art created for console, PC and mobile games built by industry-leading studios and developers. The depth of our service line offering is unrivalled and includes:

  • Art direction services
  • 2D concept art
  • 3D concept art
  • 2D illustrations
  • 2D characters and objects
  • 3D characters and creatures
  • 3D vehicles
  • 3D objects
  • Visual effects
  • Environments
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • In-game and pre-rendered cinematics
  • Live action and video production
  • UI/UX design and animation

We deliver handcrafted art, produced by expertly-trained artists using the very latest tools. Our global footprint continues to expand and we have dedicated art studios located around the world.

Working with American, European and Asian developers, our footprint across three continents helps ensure that we can adapt to and serve diverse market cultures. We are continuously increasing the sophistication of game assets as technology advances.

Allied to Art Services is Keywords Marketing Services, which focus on the production of marketing trailers to support the launch of games, promote expansion content, introduce new characters and support community outreach – bringing our clients’ games to a global audience. A selection of our work can be seen below.


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The Sims 4Get Famous: Launch Trailer
SEGA Mega Drive Classics Announcement
Rainbow Six: Siege - Rainbow Is Magic
Gods & Monsters - E3 Cinematic Trailer

Selected Titles

For Honor
Halo 5
Smite Tatics
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