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Success Through Collaboration on Back 4 Blood

Volta’s work with Turtle Rock Studios on the iconic Back 4 Blood was the perfect showcase for our technical abilities, passionate creativity and dedication to delivering top-tier quality. Beginning in early 2020, the partnership helped solidify Volta’s reputation as experts in the realm of first-person shooter games.

The Challenge

When Turtle Rock Studios reached out to Volta initially, it was for help with a specific, limited set of aspects of Back 4 Blood. But the collaboration quickly evolved into a multi-year partnership that involved an ever-increasing number of services – and continues to this day.

bus prison
Church props
decontamination booth props concept art
deer head on wall concept art
furniture concept art
generator concept art

Key Deliverables

Key assets delivered by Volta for Back 4 Blood included:

  • Props
  • Character designs
  • Skins for post-launch DLCs
  • Weapon concepts
  • Environments
pulley hooks
Evangelo and mum concept art
Turtle rock Jim Madmax
Turtle rock hoffman swat

The Solution

From the outset, VOLTA employed a comprehensive approach designed to optimise every aspect of the playing experience on Back 4 Blood. We began with prop work, leveraging Turtle Rock’s custom engine to ensure unbeatable standards were reached consistently, and as the project evolved shifted focus to crafting hundreds of unique skins to bring the game’s characters to life. We also played a pivotal role in shaping Back 4 Blood 's weapon designs and vehicle modelling, and as work progressed took on a range of environment-related tasks.

welding machines
Turtle rock weapons
Turtle rock weapons
Turtle rock weapons

The Results

Following 2+ years of dedicated effort from VOLTA, during which we contributed hundreds of successful concepts, models and fully-integrated assets, upon launch Back 4 Blood received an ecstatic reception from the media and players alike across the world.

The project stands as a testament to the power of partnership with Keywords. Across every genre and platform, and regardless of project-size and timeline, our 360 expertise and unparalleled experience in the industry make us the perfect collaborator for clients who need quality they can trust delivered on budget and schedule each and every time.

Jim concept art
 Mom battlehardened
back 4 blood Karlee concept art
back 4 blood Holly
Back 4 blood Heng

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