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Group photo of MPG team

The Multiplayer Group (MPG)

United Kingdom + Spain + Canada

The Multiplayer Group (MPG) specialise in creating the highest standard of mind-blowing multiplayer experiences for their partners, through Co-Dev and Full-Dev projects.

With a HQ in Nottingham, UK, MPG is a 370+ strong team spread across 30 countries, helping their partners to build 20+ AAA projects at any one time. Their aims are to be instrumental in the best multiplayer developments around the globe, to help their partners succeed and to add value to these projects that only experience like theirs can.

Not only do they help to make awesome games, they’re also pretty passionate about ensuring they do that in the right way. For MPG, this means maintaining a people-first, remote-friendly culture where the team can feel comfortable and secure in their roles. It’s running a business that’s financially sustainable and cares about its impact on the planet. And it’s championing a diversity and inclusion strategy that supports the industry in becoming a more equitable place for everybody.