14th Jul 2021

Staff Spotlight: Meet two of our Localization Internal Editors

Recently we spoke with Maria Claudia Rampiconi and Luca Ricci – two internal editors working in our Localization service line in Italy.

Both are passionate about helping to support video games developers and publishers worldwide, delivering quality localization solutions.

Maria Claudia is a veteran in Keywords. She worked for Synthesis, a Keywords studio, for 12 years as proofreader and audio manager and in 2018 she became internal editor.

Luca joined Keywords in 2014 and has always been an internal editor.

Here’s what they had to say:

Tell us something about your role.

Maria Claudia: A typical day at home (I am a remote worker) starts with a look at my job schedule. As I receive lots of review requests from project managers (PMs), I have to create my own road map and follow it precisely during the day.

Deadlines for review are often very tight. My tasks consist of proofreading and editing every text I manage, in-game and OST, script, marketing, blog, and social media for the video games we localize.

As one of our internal editors, I also manage the task of translation and review assignment process; I select translator and reviewers for a project when needed, in support of the language manager.

Luca: I’m a internal editor, working currently in the Italian team. I review files that have been worked on by a translator, looking for inconsistencies, translation errors, typos and more generally to improve the style and the quality.

A typical workday consists of reviewing different files, coming from different projects/titles. Some of them could have a stricter and daily deadline, others can be worked on over a couple of days, depending on word count and urgency.

Besides working directly on the file, I keep contact with translators and PMs for advice on particular choices or translations and working as a liaison between translators and PMs.

Do you have a specific area in your role you enjoy focusing on?

Maria Claudia: I am a great lover of Italian language, of sociolinguistics too, and my favourite subject since school has undoubtedly been Italian. I think Italian grammar is sublime.

I am interested in the structure of the phrase [syntax] and the diversity between different languages.

Now I follow the debate about inclusive language, specifically related to Italian cultural and social context. I also love interacting with people, communicate with translators, manager and PMs in order to successfully work together.

Luca: I really like character scripts. I love good dialogs in movies and serials, so I’m trying to apply that love to the video games characters that are chatting on screen.

Also, I have got a knack for “cleaning” [sub-editing] the text before a spellcheck and to look for inconsistencies.

What do you like best about working for Keywords Studios?

Maria Claudia: I like the international aspect and the opportunity to combine work and personal life.

Luca: The work environment is very attentive to the wellbeing of the employees, especially in my team where we look out and care for each other.

More generally, I like the company attitude towards new technological solutions to everyday work and tools, meaning that it’s striving to improve our current work procedures.

Keywords Studios Localization Internal Auditors Maria Claudia Rampiconi and Luca Ricci
Maria Claudia Rampiconi & Luca Ricci

What is your favourite video game and why?

Maria Claudia: Zelda’s franchise, because I’m a romantic girl.

Luca: I can safely say, based on the hours I’ve put it, that it is the Civilization franchise. Every title in the series has had interesting new features and QoL upgrades that I got “stuck” with them.

I’ve been playing the series since 1994 so if I had to choose a title from the entire series, it would be Civilization 3, which was really, really good.

Tell us an interesting fact that people may not know about you.

Maria Claudia: In 2005 I wrote a book titled “Imperfezione” where I analysed the fact that imperfection is a recurring presence in our life: advertising, films, books and video games too, are full of imperfect and beautiful details. 

My job is finding errors, so I think the book was providential in my life.

Luca: I’m a buff for foreign movies; mostly Asian. And I’m a little geeky with cooking.

I’m trying to improve my ramen game for the perfect hot bowl but don’t worry, I can make pizza, as a good Italian should.

And, finally, what advice would you give to job seekers considering a career in video games?

Maria Claudia: This a “funny” job only in part. It requires very strong discipline and method to get your results. Determination is the key.

Luca: If you really, really love video games, put that passion aside for a moment and evaluate your skills. Choose what you are really into before the passion because your skill set is the track that it’s going to move your work.

If you are interested in a Localization role at Keywords Studios, you can find current open positions on our Careers page.

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