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Webinar: Common Misconceptions about Data Privacy Regulations

Thursday, June 20th 4:30pm to 5:30pm BST Keywords Studios has teamed up with The Trust Bridge™ to offer a series of free webinars for the video games industry. These webinars are designed to be practical and help you understand the rules and requirements to ensure that your organisation and games are fully aligned with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the EU and other global privacy directives. In our ongoing series of webinars, we examine some of the myths and misconceptions regarding new data privacy laws. There is a belief that small businesses are exempt; that if an organisation has fewer than 250 employees, GDPR does not count. However, there is no exclusion under the data privacy regulation. All organisations must comply, including small businesses. GDPR applies to the personal data of all EU citizens, wherever that data may be stored or handled. If a studio is based outside the EU, but wants to offer games or mobile apps to EU citizens, then GDPR will apply to personal data that is shared or collected as the gamer registers and accesses games and apps. The webinar will benefit organisation leaders and senior management, human resources, marketing, technologists looking to support existing data infrastructures, data and privacy technologists, business analyst, process and project managers. Those who attend the webinar will have a greater understanding of the requirements for data privacy regulation alignment in all processes throughout an organisation as well as an understanding of how and where they apply. The webinar will help encourage better data hygiene and a more trusted environment for players to share personal information. This hour-long webinar is a unique opportunity to discover common misconceptions about data privacy regulations and is not to be missed. Registration is simple! Follow the link below and fill in your details to join the webinar on Thursday, June 20th at 4:30pm (BST). Visit our online learning portal, The Trust Bridge™, for further details on our full range of GDPR offerings. More information on Keywords Data Protection and Management Services, including ASAnalyzer, our cloud-based technology tool, and our consultancy services is available here.