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Three characters with glowing weapons
Three characters with glowing weapons
Three characters with glowing weapons

Empowering an Iconic Franchise Across A
Multi-year Partnership

As the global lead creative agency for Destiny 2, ICHI has been in a 4-year strategic partnership with Bungie. Our role has been to inject what we call "Hero Energy," revitalising the franchise and inspiring both existing and new audiences.

We've actively engaged the Destiny community through tailored campaigns for significant expansions like Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, and Lightfall. Alongside these, we've rolled out a specialised brand campaign aimed at attracting newcomers to Destiny 2's free-to-play experience.

The Challenge

In the Beyond Light expansion, we faced our first major challenge: rekindling interest among Destiny's existing fans while also winning back those who had drifted away. Our campaign had to establish that Destiny was entering a new era, both in narrative and tone. With Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, not only did we need to re-engage those who had lapsed, but we also wanted to reassure new players that they hadn't missed too much to join in.

This strategy culminated in Lightfall, the franchise's defining 'Infinity War' moment. Here, our objective was to rally the community around a must-play event, setting the stage for the concluding chapter in 2024, 'The Final Shape.' In the gaps between these expansions, Bungie also set us an ongoing task: to build an evergreen campaign that would breathe new life into the Destiny brand, making it appealing for a new generation of players.

Three characters with yellow glowing weapons

Key Deliverables

Over the course of our multi-year collaboration, we've delivered holistic campaigns that embrace a global audience. Our contributions range from brand and creative strategy to key art and both story and gameplay-focused trailers. Additionally, we've developed website landing pages and interactive video content to deepen user engagement.

A key focus has been on social content, carefully designed to capture the community's attention. We've succeeded in creating a consistent online buzz, stretching from the initial reveal phases all the way through to post-launch, supplementing our efforts with streamer toolkits and localized digital campaigns.



Destiny 2. Heroes welcome x uhmaayze

The Solution

For Beyond Light, we launched a seven-month campaign focused on the game-changing concept of Guardians using Dark powers. Our 'Embrace Darkness' platform was devised for online sharing, igniting conversations among a community eager for new content.

For The Witch Queen, we went social-first, turning players into 'psychic detectives' through a series of intriguing assets. For Lightfall, we created a 'now-or-never' atmosphere through a diverse 360-degree campaign, employing motion graphics, 3D, and CGI. We also educated players on the Destiny backstory and captured influencer attention with a specialised streamer's toolkit. Finally, our 'Heroes Welcome' brand campaign championed Destiny's community, emphasizing its welcoming and diverse nature to recruit newcomers and demonstrate the ongoing evolution of the brand.

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At the moment, all eyes from various corners of the gaming community and beyond are on Destiny.
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The Results

Beyond Light set records as Steam's highest-earning title, marking global engagement highs. The Witch Queen followed suit, reaching 1 million pre-orders and outselling its predecessor—a franchise first. Lightfall continued the trend, with its interactive trailer garnering 130,000 unique views and custom Streamer Toolkits achieving 2100 downloads, making it Steam's top pre-ordered game.

Our multi-year alliance with Destiny 2 resulted in significant sales and community growth, garnering recognition across social media and gaming journalism. By sustaining and growing the Destiny 2 audience, we managed to prepare and progress the brand for the next phase in its epic journey.

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The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

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