With more than 20 years’ experience delivering compelling audio services on behalf of our clients, Keywords Studios provides customised solutions to fulfil the voiced audio needs of immersive and interactive content. Experts at sourcing and managing voice actors and celebrities and with state-of-the-art audio studios and partners located around the world, we handle all aspects of what is a complex supply chain in its own right.

We deliver an extensive range of high-quality audio services to cater for any request. Using a unique mix of artistic and technical skills, we support both original and localized language content. Our broad suite of audio services includes:

  • Original language audio production
  • Casting and talent management services
  • Voice recording and video facial capture
  • Sound design and music
  • Asset integration
  • International in-country voice over recording (30+ countries)
  • International casting and talent management
  • Asset management, pre-production and script adaptation
  • Post-production, voice EFX, audio QA
  • Mastering and mixing


Starting as pioneers in voiceover for video games for the earliest games to be adapted for multiple nationalities, we have been delivering outstanding audio assets for more than 20 years and are constantly deploying the latest tools and creating our own software to improve quality and efficiency. Collaborating with many of the industry’s top-tier leading developers and publishers, we lead the way in superior audio solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our Audio Services.


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Binari Sonori is one of our most reliable cooperative partners, and they've been making our multi-language localization and voiceover recording so easy with their professional localization team and highly-efficient management. I would recommend Binari Sonori to anyone who is looking for a decent outsourcer with an outstanding service and quality of work at a reasonable price.

Adam Yuan - Snail Games
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