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Keywords Studios Announce New VIP Engagement & Growth Service

Date Published: 23/01/2024

Dublin, Ireland -- Keywords Studios, the international provider of creative and technology-enabled solutions to the global video games and entertainment industries, today announces it is offering clients a new path to boosted revenue and increased player loyalty with the addition of its new VIP Engagement & Growth service. As part of Keywords’ Engage business division, this offering also includes a new partnership with SurgeROI, a machine learning-powered VIP customer relationship platform.

While VIPs make up a small portion of a player base, these segments of players can constitute upwards of 70% of a title’s revenue. It’s essential to build relationships with this segment, personalise their experience, listen to their feedback, and know what makes them tick. Gemma Doyle, cofounder of SurgeROI, former VP of Player Success at Zynga, andarchitect of Zynga’s VIP programme, emphasised during a 2023 GDC session that, “relationship building evolves over time - and you depend on your relationships with your players to keep them engaged, retained, and happily investing in the game.”

Keywords’ VIP Engagement & Growth service provides clients with strategy consulting to build their VIP programme, and staffs them with experienced account managers that proactively reach out to and engage with VIPs to build and deepen relationshipsas well as deliver a definitive upside through VIP management. The holistic service incorporates a listening strategy that brings the players’ voices closer to product teams, ensuring feature roadmaps match the need and want of loyal players. Keywords works alongside clients to deploy VIP retention strategies, including communications, notifications, incentives, and rewards. The population is split into a treated versus control group so that a definitive revenue uplift can be measured, and clients can see the impact to their bottom line.

VIP Engagement & Growth clients can choose to supercharge their programmes by implementing SurgeROI and tapping into the power of data science. Keywords’ VIP account managers are trained by Gemma Doyle on the SurgeROI platform and can take swift action upon machine learning-powered insights like churn risk, propensity to pay, and lapsed payments. The platform offers a 360-degree VIP account view, productivity and performance insights, a robust analytics dashboard, and an executive view of treated versus control population health. As part of the new service, Keywords provides biannual revenue reports that allow games companies to see the lift – treated versus control – and justify further expansion of account management for their VIPs.

Tony Grigg, Managing Director of Keywords’ Engage Business Division:

“Our goal has always been to support our clients in achieving greater efficiency and providing the best possible experience to their players. The VIP Engagement & Growth service and our new partnership with SurgeROI amplify how we continue serving our clients, deepening their connections with their players, and producing a definitive upside for their investment.”

Learn more about Keywords Studios’ VIP Engagement & Growth service here. Keywords' teams are present at Pocket Gamer Connects London across January 22-23 and available to discuss the new service at booth G07.


About Keywords Studios (

Keywords Studios is an international provider of creative and technology-enabled solutions to the global video games and entertainment industries. Established in 1998, and now with over 70 facilities in 26 countries strategically located in Asia, Australia, the Americas, and Europe, it provides services across the entire content development life cycle through its Create, Globalize and Engage service lines to a large blue-chip client base across the globe. 

Keywords Studios has a strong market position, providing services to 24 of the top 25 most prominent games companies and contributing to over 70% of the 2023 Game Awards winners. Across the games and entertainment industry, clients include Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Konami, Microsoft, Netflix, Riot Games, Square Enix, Supercell, TakeTwo, Tencent and Ubisoft. Recent titles worked on include Starfield, Hogwarts Legacy, Elden Ring, Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends, Clash Royale and Doom Eternal. Keywords Studios is listed on AIM, the London Stock Exchange regulated market (KWS.L).


About SurgeROI (

SurgeROI, a revolutionary player in the gaming industry, offers a unique VIP customer relationship management solution that blends human interaction with data science to enhance player engagement and growth. By harnessing historical interaction data, SurgeROI empowers Account Managers with prioritized tasks and impact scores to optimize VIP contact cadence and visibility. Account Managers can engage with VIPs at their own pace, and foster confidence through efficient streamlined software. The system constantly learns and adjusts treatment suggestions based on behavioral patterns to create a positive feedback loop and deliver a significant measurable upside.

Business-level dashboards and campaign tools aid with informed decisions for workforce planning, incentive investments, and revenue uplift opportunities. Combined with well-trained Account Managers, SurgeROI delivers a revenue-driving service for personalized relationships and a significant uplift in average revenue per player. Loyal customers should feel valued, and SurgeROI is built to empower businesses to cultivate deeper VIP relationships and strengthen retention, engagement, and growth.