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Develop IRL 2021

Keywords Studios is delighted to be a founding partner of the first in-person industry event since the global pandemic began and our teams are looking forward to meeting you there.

Taking place in London on Thursday, September 16th, Develop IRL (in real life) will present attendees with the opportunity to re-connect with one another, to share experiences and to investigate ways that our industry can create a positive global impact.

The event will be "a more casual, more inclusive" gathering, designed so that anyone and everyone in the industry can attend, meet colleagues, and network in a relax environment.

You can get your ticket to Develop IRL here.

“After almost two years of imposed isolation and detached existence, we know how keen everyone is to meet face to face with others in our community," said Keywords Studios COO Sonia Lashand Sedler.

"The emerging technologies and creative opportunities we are each individually developing are hugely exciting but you simply can’t replace the energy of sharing ideas and exploring innovative concepts, with the world’s leading experts at these live events. So, we knew we had to be part of making it possible.”

In addition to the afternoon networking event, the IRL awards will recognise the industry’s huge contribution to society over the last 18 months, by celebrating the individuals and initiatives that have made a difference.

Keywords Studios is proud to support this award segment, with a particular focus on the the Diversity Champions Award and CSR Initiatives Award.

More details can be found on the Develop IRL event website.

If you can’t make Develop IRL, you can still request an appointment with one of our specialists at any time here.