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Porting and Remastering

Handling even the most technically challenging projects from state-of-the-art studios worldwide.

Porting and remastering offers access to fresh audiences without sizeable investment in new content. Our teams have the experience, expertise and technology to handle everything involved. 

What is porting and remastering?

  • Video game porting is essentially the process of bringing an existing video game to a new platform, optimising it for the new system but leaving it otherwise unchanged. This adaptation process includes efforts to port games to and from various platforms - including mobile devices - to extend their life span.
  • Remastering involves updating graphics, game mechanics and sound and gameplay elements to meet new audience expectations as well as evolving technical standards and specifications.

Both processes require specialised skills and knowledge that Keywords can offer in abundance. 


Cross Functional Excellence

Our team of game porting developers and remastering specialists include engineers, artists and designers who will bring their combined skill sets and experience to bear on making your ported or remastered video game a success, working closely with you every step of the way to understand your specific goals and requirements. 

With our game porting process, we know when to leave your original design choices in place and when to suggest modifications to meet new standards or exploit new opportunities, always with the ultimate goal of delivering optimal player experiences and leaving your internal teams free to focus their creative energies elsewhere.

Our Porting and Remastering Studios

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Keywords Studios' Game Development is a comprehensive, 360° suite of services covering the full development lifecycle.

The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

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