Games are now a service and retaining players in the game is all-important. We know how important an exceptional customer experience is to the success of our clients’ games. Our trusted customer interaction services help our clients retain their customers, reaching them in a way that makes their gaming experience more enjoyable. We provide the tools and expertise to deliver a best-in-class customer experience for video games.

Our dedicated teams of native speakers provide player support and community management on a global scale. Covering both an expansive 50+ languages and all time zones, we help deliver a customer experience that results in enhanced player satisfaction, improved player retention and that aligns with the brand values of our clients. Our extensive range of services includes:

  • Around-the-clock, multilingual, multichannel customer support for live games. Key components include support for email, live chat, phone, social media, mobile, technical and billing activity as well as in-game support and FAQ management
  • Social media and forum monitoring, moderation and content approval
  • Social media and forum content creation (aligned with brand guidelines)
  • Fraud detection and management
  • Community and social media performance reports
  • Expert knowledge of CRM and helpdesk systems
  • Flexible solutions adapted to unpredictable ticket volumes
  • Concierge solutions for VIP and high spenders


Keywords Studios has been delivering video games player support for leading titles for more than 15 years. We partner to deliver an experience that is relied upon to promote deeper customer relationships, profitability and business growth. Contact us today to further your understanding of our offerings.

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