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Battlegrounds Mobile India characters looking down at camera
Battlegrounds Mobile India characters looking down at camera
Battlegrounds Mobile India characters looking down at camera

How our Proprietary Digital Support Platform Delivered over $10M in Savings and Increased CSAT

Krafton embarked on a new chapter of triumph with the momentous launch of BattleGroundsMobileIndia (BGMI).

The game’s release has ignited a frenzy of excitement among the community, drawing an overwhelming response from players across the country. Join us as we delve into the unfolding story of Krafton’s journey to success with the highly anticipated launch of BattleGroundsMobileIndia in India.

As BGMI captures the hearts of Indian gamers, Krafton’s legacy continues to flourish on a global scale. The company’s commitment to innovation and quality has propelled it to the forefront of the gaming industry, making BGMI’s release a significant milestone. From its origins as an innovative gaming studio to becoming a household name, Krafton’s evolution showcases its adaptability and forward-thinking approach. Stay tuned as we explore the remarkable trajectory that led Krafton to this triumphant juncture, celebrating the intersection of creativity, technology, and a passionate gaming community. 

The Challenge

Krafton’s pre-launch goals for BGMI were ambitious, aiming to position the game as a pioneering Battle Royale. Its vision encompassed ensuring player satisfaction and success through various approaches. 

Seamless Player Onboarding: A top priority was creating an unparalleled onboarding experience, allowing players to enter the game world effortlessly and embark on their adventure without confusion or frustration.

Timely Support Responses: Recognising the significance of player engagement, Krafton prioritized swift and efficient responses to inquiries. Addressing player concerns promptly fostered positive relationships and mitigated potential issues. 

Exemplary Customer Satisfaction: Beyond captivating gameplay, Krafton aimed to surpass customer satisfaction expectations. Delivering personalised, high-quality support sought to create a loyal player base genuinely satisfied with their gaming experience. 

Efficient Resource Allocation: Krafton optimised resources and support operations cost-effectively during an influx of player inquiries during the early stages of launch.

The Solution

Helpshift’s Modern Support Journey (MSJ) played a pivotal role in empowering Krafton to achieve its ambitious pre-launch goals. Recognising the challenges of managing player inquiries and delivering exceptional support, Krafton partnered with Helpshift to address these complexities effectively. 

A critical challenge faced by game developers was figuring out which players to unban upon receiving their appeal. To tackle this, Helpshift developed a custom solution known as ‘Unban Bothersome Solution’. This innovative solution has built in logic and is designed to distinguish genuine players from cheaters who reach out multiple times to request to be unbanned. 

When certain conditions are met, the custom solution can either proceed to unban qualifying players automatically without human involvement or assign it to a human for further review.


Krafton’s journey to a triumphant game launch, bolstered by Helpshift’s Modern Support Journey and the custom-built Unban Bothersome Solution, epitomises the art of setting ambitious CS goals and finding the perfect support partner. The synergy of advanced automation, intelligent routing, self-service options, and efficient resource allocation empowered Krafton to deliver a seamless player experience, surpassing even the loftiest customer satisfaction expectations. The custom solution tailored by Helpshift expertly addressed a critical industry challenge, playing a crucial role in Krafton’s remarkable success.  

The solution saved $5 per unban ticket, boosted agent efficiency by 80%, and prevented erroneous unbans and long wait times for legitimate players.

Including the initial launch period in May, to one year post launch, Krafton achieved a total savings of $10,600,000 for BGMI, comprising $1,615,000 in FAQs savings and around $8,985,000 in savings from automation using AI & Bots. 

In addition to cost savings, Helpshift adoption also led to a 13% increase in overall CSAT score within one year, highlighting heightened player satisfaction. These support experience improvements exemplify the value of Helpshift’s partnership and capabilities across the Modern Support Journey.

80% improved agent efficiency, plus much more...

Increase in CSAT Score
in Total Savings

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