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Staff Spotlight: Meet Harpal Cheema, FQA Project Manager at Keywords in India

Author: OGoodwin
Date Published: 07/07/2022

We sat down with Harpal Cheema in Delhi, India to discuss his role as an FQA Project Manager, his thoughts on the future of the gaming industry and his day-to-day life at Keywords Studios in India.

Why is FQA important in the video games development lifecycle?

Video game testing is important to flush out any bugs, problems or inconsistencies that require attention. It is crucial for developers to mitigate any risks that may impact negatively towards the success of the product.

What inspired you to become a QA Project Manager in the video games industry?

I used to be a gamer and occasionally compete in tournaments. Through this, I met a friend who later referred me to a QA opportunity at Babel in 2012. Since then, there has been no looking back. Thanks to some great guidance, increased exposure and my eagerness to learn, I've been promoted over time and am currently serving as Project Manager.

Which "Keywords Rule of 9" resonates with you the most? 

Client Centricity - I believe as an external service it's not just about commitment but also building relationships with clients. It helps to build trust and loyalty and retaining loyal customers leads to repeat business. Keeping your customer satisfaction high is great for new business opportunities.

“I feel immensely proud when those I mentor get recognised and grow not just in their role but also as people”

What are you most proud of in working as a QA Project Manager at Keywords?

I'm proud of my journey and the opportunity I now have to share my knowledge and experience with people seeking their own career growth. I feel immensely proud when those I mentor get recognised and grow not just in their role but also as people.

What elements in the video games industry, or in Testing, do you see evolving in the future?

The wearable gaming technology has significantly pushed market growth to new levels. The fully immersive experience created through virtual and augmented reality is the key factor enabling its growth. In terms of testing, machine learning has already proven to be very significant and I believe we will continue to see its benefits in the future.

What advice would you give to people wanting a career in your field?
  1. Have a passion for games
  2. Always strive for more
  3. Be persistent, success in this industry is not an instant guarantee.

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