Why work at Keywords Studios?

People that work at Keywords are passionate, talented, committed and resourceful.
Human talent is our most valuable resource and as a business we thrive on diversity, celebrate uniqueness and work as teams whether we are physically together in one of our 50+ studios around the world or working together virtually. We provide a competitive compensation package, good benefits and a casual, fun, productive and supportive working environment. We empower people to perform to the best of their ability with our “can do” attitude. We appreciate and embrace flexibility and learn at every opportunity to grow ourselves through experience, training and tackling new challenges. This is what makes us Keywordians.

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Real Experiences


Working with Keywords doesn't feel like work. It has a great environment and you know that you are important as a tester. It's awesome to be part of such an adventure, knowing you are part of a huge family all over the world!

Christine, Functionality Tester, Canada

Keywords Studios is truly a great place to work. Hard-working, supportive, friendly staff, with monthly perks along the way, has allowed me to quickly find my feet and become a member of the Keywords family.

Emma, Campaign Marketing Executive, Dublin

I started at Enzyme as a functionality tester out of curiosity and for my love of video games. I never thought I'd stay here so long. For me, Enzyme allowed me to learn and evolve. After only six months working at Enzyme, I had the chance to try it as a relay tester and I love my job. The opportunities available at Enzyme are enough to want to take them and move forward.

Fred, Lead Tester, Canada

Being a Project Manager allows you to take part of exciting projects and games that you will definitely love even more once you will play them at home. Being a Project Manager part of the Keywords Studios group allows you to get your “hands dirty” in games you always loved, and lets you and your team see them grow and evolve in your hands, just as much you will grow with them. Being part of this awesome team is an extremely pleasant experience. We are surrounded by young, active people, and ever through hard times we never miss the chance to smile to each other. Cooperation, support, a young environment, the chance to be surrounded by an amazing team and brilliant colleagues, happy to help and always there for you, makes you feel like you’re part of a big family. And yes, we bring cake, too.

Marco, Project Manager, Italy

Keywords is by far the company where I have felt most at home in my career. It constantly gives me learning opportunities to grow as a professional, chances to challenge myself and take on more responsibilities, while also always respecting and appreciating me first and foremost as a person and not just as an employee. Getting tasty treats from 13 different countries from the other members of my team is also a lovely bonus of the job.

Maurizio, Linguist & Test lead, Dublin

When I started my working career, I had just gotten my degree in translation and my interest and curiosity were drawn, due to my gaming passion, to the localisation of games. Fast forward a number of years – I’m now a Project Manager in the Keywords group, I have had the opportunity to grow professionally while working on games “behind the curtain". I’ve been able to participate in challenging yet exciting projects that make you feel proud of the overall work behind a particular game. I’ve experienced what co-operation and support mean, while working in a lively environment and committed teams, striving for the best possible quality as a big family.

Simone, Senior Project Manager, Italy

Working at Keywords Tokyo is a great pleasure. It not only gives me the opportunity to get a real insight into this industry but also the opportunity to work in a pleasant international and multicultural environment. Besides, I have been given the chance to develop my skills in languages, attention to detail, problem-solving and time management. I simply enjoy my work and I am proud to be a part of Keywords Tokyo.

Chieh Yi

Keywords Tokyo is outstanding and incomparable. We have an interactive team that is always willing to support one another making our office a professional and friendly work environment. The flexibility we have to telecommute in times of personal circumstances situations which makes work-life balance exceptional, especially for those with families with small children. Working at Keywords within a team of global professionals from different walks of life is a true learning experience; one I’ll treasure as my lifelong asset.

Hideyoshi, Localization Project Manager, Tokyo

I am grateful to Lakshya, a Keywords Studio, for providing me with the opportunity to work with some really skilled and devoted artists. I have constantly learnt and evolved through the years. Lakshya has played a great role in helping me become a successful games artist. It is exciting to work with cutting edge Art tools and Video Game Technologies.

Khushboo, Sr. Artist, India

Working at Mindwalk Studios is challenging, eye-opening, and a rewarding experience. Getting to work with people from across the globe on such amazing projects is exciting. The artists, Project Managers, and IT team all work together to provide the best, most reliable service we can.

Merlin, IT Manager, China

Since working at Lakshya, a Keywords Studio, I am amazed at the opportunities I have had for self-development and the positions I have filled. I find I am constantly engaged and learning new things about my role and the role that the project management team plays. As a key part of my job is being people-focused, it is quite fulfilling to find ways in which I can better handle responsibilities and endeavour to create a better working environment for myself and my team.

Mudasir, Project Coordinator, India

It took a while for me to find a place where I belong. The best way that I can describe Keywords Studios is a dream come true. I have longed for a place that is exciting, fast paced and has the potential to be a household brand. I always wondered how people who love what they do felt. Now I know how awesome that feeling is.

Ninonel, Team Lead, Philippines

Mindwalk has the perfect combination of being able to work alongside people who inspire you to develop your artistic and technical skills. The trajectory of the company continues to rise, which is exciting and brings more interesting prospects.

Phuoc, Project Manager, China
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