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Staff Spotlight: Keywords in Mexico Awarded Social Responsibility Badge

Date Published: 11/05/2022

Keywords Studios in Mexico were recently awarded the ESR badge as a Socially Responsible Company by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI). This award highlights the team’s continued efforts in promoting a healthy working environment for all employees as well as contributing to the development of the local community with a particular focus on environmental preservation.

To discuss this magnificent achievement further, we caught up with our local leaders Alejandro Gonzalez, Studio Head of Keywords in Mexico, and Eva Ximena Argaha, Engagement & Social Responsibility Specialist.

Congratulations on being awarded the Socially Responsible Company badge! How do you reflect on such a great achievement?

Alejandro Gonzalez: I feel honoured and very happy to have achieved such a goal. It has been many months of hard work and dedication. Now we can finally see the result in the recognition by CEMEFI towards our studio in Mexico!

Eva Ximena Argaha: It was, of course, a lot of work but Keywords is already a great company with good practices, policies, and an environment that really cares for its employees so that made the process so much easier.

What does being a socially responsible company entail?

Eva: It implies that our commitment to preserve this badge is to continuous improvement in all its pillars: corporate governance, ethics, sustainability, ecology, quality of life for employees as well as diversity and inclusion.

Alejandro: It is a key responsibility for us as a company to take into account that our activities affect, positively or negatively, the quality of life of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Can you tell us how and when the journey started?

Eva: It started with Alex including us in his idea of obtaining the badge, just a year ago. From there we conducted a detailed diagnosis, collaborating on the planning and implementation of ideas to make it a reality. Throughout the process, we had incredible support from our services leadership as well as from the amazing people at Kueponi Consultants.

Were there any difficulties you had to overcome along the way?

Alejandro: I think one of the main challenges has been to effectively spread the message and achieve consistency across such a large community as ours. An organisational change such as this requires a huge amount of extra effort from everyone at all levels, which is not always easy given how hectic things are here! I’m so happy with how we dealt with this challenge as a team.

How important is diversity to the future of the gaming industry?

Eva: It is extremely important, especially to consider within a Latin American context. I think that as a company it is very important to continue being a safe place for everyone and even more so, to be an example for other companies in Mexico.

Alejandro: It is everything. I have no doubt our industry will continue to grow with teams that are increasingly diverse. The sum of all these personalities creates a positive and more creative workplace! That is why it is our responsibility to cultivate an environment of respect and inclusion so that all our stars can shine.

What activities is your studio most excited about for 2022?

Eva: I think the activities that our Keywords Colleagues are most excited about are the Keywords Cares focus areas for this year such as reforestation and taking care of the environment. We also plan to continue our support for animal shelters as the year progresses.

What advice would you give to a studio looking to become more socially responsible?

Eva: Always ask your employees what causes they want to support, sometimes it's not so obvious and they always have great suggestions. Try to always think green, sometimes it is not the cheapest option, but it is always the best. Lastly, when you think about how to make improvements for your employees, count yourself among them and think what you would like for yourself.

Alejandro: It is so important for leadership to be 100% aligned on the issue of social responsibility. At Keywords Studios in Mexico, we are all on board and working towards our targets together, this makes the process that much easier.

I would also recommend seeking the advice of professional companies dedicated to the management of social responsibility projects.

How does obtaining the CSR badge shape the future of Keywords Studios in Mexico?

Eva: I think it sets a precedent and gives us guidelines to improve upon every year.

Alejandro: It means a future full of new and fun activities, a new level of understanding and respect for those around us, and hard work to implement of all the new processes that will help us keep the badge into the future.

If you are interested in joining the team at Keywords Studios in Mexico, you can find current open positions on our Careers page.