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Barbie and Ken sitting in a convertible
Barbie and Ken sitting in a convertible
Barbie and Ken sitting in a convertible

Painting Social Media Pink To Break Box Office Records

DMM partnered with Warner Bros. to make a spectacular splash for the world-famous Barbie on her cinematic debut. We didn't just promote a film; we celebrated an icon and reignited the timeless magic of the Barbie legacy in the hearts of millions.

The Challenge

As Warner Bros. geared up to bring the renowned Barbie doll to cinemas, the task at hand was monumental. Bringing the renowned IP to the silver screen came with the weight of a storied legacy. Barbie's vast history is woven into the tapestry of countless childhoods and so our challenge was multifaceted. 

We were tasked with bridging generational gaps, speaking to both the nostalgic older audience and the digitally-native younger viewers. In an era saturated with content, how do you refresh a classic and make it shimmer anew? 

Beyond the nostalgic connection, a new story had to be told, a fresh narrative sculpted, which could stand proudly alongside Barbie's illustrious past. This intricate balance between heritage and novelty formed the bedrock of our challenge.

Key Deliverables

  • Crafting Identity: Carve a ubiquitous Barbie digital identity, resonating across platforms and demographics.
  • Visual Storytelling: Cultivate visually stunning creatives that embrace both the novelty of the film and Barbie's cherished past.
  • Global Amplification: Strategically amplify the global press tour, infusing each location with the Barbie aura.
  • Voice & Tone: Conceptualise and nurture a genuine, multifaceted voice for Barbie, driving both engagement and anticipation.
Margot Robbie as Barbie with the text National Pink Day

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The Solution

In our quest to bring the beloved Barbie to the forefront of the digital age, we unfolded a multifaceted strategy for the cinematic campaign:

Social Reconstruction of Barbie Land:

We began by immersing ourselves into Barbie's universe. Crafting the proper digital landscape meant capturing the story, designing graphics, and meticulously aligning it all with Barbie's cherished history. The aim was to produce an expansive digital mosaic, where every piece, every interaction, resonated with a part of Barbie's journey.

Transformative Global Tour Strategy:
The global tour was more than promotion—it was a cinematic experience in itself. Each city's ambiance was captured, narrated, and shared as a tale through Instagram Stories. Additionally, collaborating with Warner Bros, we delved even deeper, creating a TikTok diary that took fans behind the cinematic curtain, making them an integral part of the journey.

Voice Crafting & Personification:
Understanding that Barbie's appeal lay in her diversity, we synthesised various personas that spanned her entire spectrum. From nostalgia-driven identities to the contemporary, every avatar was precisely honed. Through this, Barbie wasn't just a doll or a film character; she transformed into a digital confidante, connecting with millions on a deeply personal level.

Opening Weekend Amplification:
Turning the magic up a notch, we deployed a DMM Talent Services team member to the opening night of Barbie in NYC tailing Director Greta Gerwig during her surprise appearances at three NYC screenings. Our team member was on the ground, capturing every gasp, cheer, and heartwarming interaction, resulting in an avalanche of genuine, joyful reactions across social media. 

Our initial strategy was to primarily leverage nostalgia and the film's novelty. However, as the digital landscape evolved and Barbie's new narrative became evident, our approach adapted. We pivoted, prioritising fresh engagements while respecting the age-old legacy. This adaptability showcased our dedication and capacity to innovate on the go, ensuring Barbie's digital dominance and cinematic success.

Barbie in a cowgirl outfit


As she strutted in her high heels to the big screen, Barbie made the summer one to remember with over 62.8M engagements and 273.9M impressions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. The pink party didn’t stop there as Barbies and Kens everywhere couldn’t get Kenough of the film. As the summer sizzled with their energy, Barbie had the biggest opening of 2023 and soon became Barbillion, reaching over $1 billion at the global box office. The film’s success marked major milestones for Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as well, with Gerwig becoming the highest-grossing female director of all-time domestically, and Robbie and Gosling achieving the biggest opening weekends of their careers

Through crafting a 360 campaign as lively and empowering as Barbie herself, we gave everyone a chance to live out their Barbie pink dreams.

Ken from Barbie Movie holding a sign that says tomorrow
Barbie looking in a mirror

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