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Characters from a game.
Characters from a game.
Characters from a game.

Delivering the Modern Support Journey

User churn is a thorn in the side of any mobile app developer, negatively impacting not only revenues but confidence and sense of purpose.

One of the world’s leading mobile game developers, with apps including Wild West: New Frontier and Megapolis, Social Quantum was determined to do something about it by switching from email support to a holistic in-app support system that would make their players the best cared-for in the world. Keywords Studios' Helpshift was the answer. 

The Challenge

Before moving to the new in-app system, Social Quantum was handling 20k support tickets per month in 12 languages across three apps, assisting 100+ million players annually. It was an extremely time- and resource-consuming system, and with the numbers only increasing as the company grew there was a clear need for a robust and scalable external tool to provide the industry-leading player engagement and retention the developer was determined to achieve.

The Solution

Social Quantum utilises the Helpshift Modern Support Journey in its entirety.

FAQs: the foundation of a top-tier support system is FAQs, with an industry-wide deflection rate of 90% that means only one in 10 issues result in a ticket.

Smart Intents: if FAQs have failed to provide a resolution and a support ticket is necessary, Helpshift’s Smart Intents system helps categorise the issue and route it to the correct bot or agent. Some 75% of all Social Quantum tickets are started with Smart Intents.

Custom Bots: more than 36% of all incoming tickets are fully resolved by bots, while more than 38% are partially automated (with CSAT reaching 4.23).

Queues: if the issue cannot be resolved by the measures listed above, it will be assigned to an agent and placed in a queue. Players are given a clear estimate of expected wait times, with paying users guaranteed a response within five hours and non-paying 24 hours.

Agent Desktop: agents benefit from Helpshift as well, with metadata and logs making it significantly easier to grasp and handle issues.

Feedback Bots: the journey does not stop with the resolution of the ticket. Feedback bots are assigned to make sure the user is satisfied, and if they are not the ticket is re-opened and assigned to a team leader for follow-up. If anything less than four stars is received, the options for rectification range from sending new responses to the player to working with the agents on improving the handling of tickets.

Analytics: a full set of analytics is in place to monitor the system and provide insights about what is working optimally and where improvements could be made.

Ecosystem Integrations

Discord: agents are able to answer questions submitted through Discord directly in Helpshift. A far better community-building option than Facebook, Discord also facilitates peer-to-peer support, with very high proportions of queries resolved by active community members and moderators.

AppFollow: the best tool for tracking and responding to reviews, AppFollow can have very tangible benefits. In 15% of cases reviews and star ratings are made more positive after receiving a reply from support.

Slack: integrating with Slack has, among other benefits, provided an alert system for spikes in issue-volume. If more issues are submitted than usual in a 10-minute period, an alert triggers in Slack and the team can assess the situation and avoid any escalating problems.


The collaboration with Helpshift has delivered transformative results for Social Quantum:

  • a 4.52 CSAT score, against an industry average of 4.0
  • 1h52 TTFR (time to first response), against an industry average of 24 hours
  • 90% deflection rate, with only one in 10 issues resulting in a ticket
  • 89% of issues handled via in-app messaging and only 3% via email


The numbers achieved speak for themselves! But if you want to take a deeper dive into this study watch this webinar to learn more directly from Korzhevsky Gennadiy, Head of Player Support at Social Quantum.

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