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Social Media Specialist-Remote

Social Media Specialist-Remote


Your primary role as Social Media Specialist is to plan, create and publish Simplified Chinese social media content around Keywords’ services, locations, technologies, and company values on the Group’s owned channels following the latest social media best practices and using storytelling techniques.


You will liaise across the organisation to ensure the constant, managed flow, delivery and sharing of compelling social media content. You will work closely with the Global Social Media Manager, local Social Media Managers, the group marketing team and content creators within our various global teams.


This job is for you if you’re looking for a role where you can tell the story of Keywords to the people in China; you’re willing to experiment, fail and come out stronger and more creative. This role isn’t for you if you’re looking for a job with a main focus on content localization.


Duties and Responsibilities

• Understand Keywords Studios’ social media strategy and actively drive all channel activities in China. 了解熠文的社交媒体策略,积极推动我们在中国所有社交媒体的活动。

• Create and publish educating and entertaining social media content for global and local marketing campaigns to raise awareness for our services as well as AI and automation technologies. 为全球和本地策划活动,创建和发布有教育意义且精彩有趣的社交媒体内容,以提高社会各方对我们的服务以及人工智能和自动化技术的认知度。

• Your goal is increased reach, engagement, and share of voice. 目标是增加社媒内容覆盖面、提高关注者参与度及增强影响力。

• Your main channels will be WeChat and Weibo. New channel strategy recommendations might be requested from you. 当前主要渠道是微信和微博,期待您有更多渠道建议和策略。

• Ensure all social media posts are accessible for followers relying on screen readers or watching on a device with low / no volume turned on. 确保所有社交媒体上的内容都能够正常展示,让关注者能够正常阅读或观看。

• Monitor, reply to incoming comments and messages. 管理并回复收到的评论和消息。

• Build out our social listening efforts in China and feed back to internal teams. 倾听中国社交媒体上关注者们的意见和建议,并将这些信息反馈给内部团队。

• Analyse the performance of all the different channels to make recommendations which social media channels to build out, what content to produce, etc. 分析各个媒体渠道的表现,为渠道管理,内容制作提供更多建议等。

• Occasionally help with short text translations from English to Simplified Chinese. 偶尔需要进行英译汉的短文本翻译。

• Escalate social media crisis topics to help maintain the brand’s reputation. 及时处理并上报社交媒体平台上的舆情或危机信息,从而维护品牌声誉。

• Brief creative team members in charge of social media designs, videos, or animations. 向设计、视频或动画团队成员传达相关需求。

• Join calls and discussions with internal teams worldwide to make sure all created content is relevant for their communication goals, factually correct, and on brand. 与全球内部团队进行电话会议并参与讨论,以确保所有创建的内容与传播目标相关、切合事实,且能够树立品牌形象。

• Document the latest social media best practices in China and facilitate internal training where needed. 记录中国最新的社交媒体优秀范例,并在有需要时促成内部培训。


Social Insurance and Housing Fund, Annual Leave, Bonus, Medical Check-up, EAP Program


Experience & Requirements

• Stay on top of social media trends to make content timely and relevant. 能够紧跟社交媒体趋势,确保内容更新及时,紧跟时事。

• Excellent copywriting skills for Chinese social media channels (short and long format). 具备优秀的中文社交媒体渠道的文案撰写技巧,包括长文和短文。

• Fluent level in English (written and spoken). 具有流利的英文读写能力。

• Solid interest in learning the ins and outs of a service provider and to understand our services, technologies, and local initiatives. 对我们的服务、技术和本地各项活动有浓厚的兴趣。

• Good understanding of asset creation such as graphics or short videos for a smooth briefing workflow.对素材创作有良好的理解能力,如图像或短视频,从而能够流畅地传达需求。

Experience Required

• Minimum 3 years’ experience as social media specialist. 3年及以上的社交媒体专员经验。

• Proven track record of creative yet data driven content creation across various platforms in China. 在中国多个平台上有过丰富的创意+数据驱动的内容创作经验。

• Manage own workload and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced environment. 能够在快节奏的环境中管理好自己的工作量,并安排好任务优先级。

• Demonstrable experience working remotely or with remote teams. This position can be done 100% remote, but being able to occasionally come to an office is a bonus. 具有远程工作经验或与远程团队合作的经验。该岗位可完全远程办公,但如果候选人可以偶尔去线下办公室将会是加分项。

• A ‘can-do’ attitude (we value pro-activity). “积极进取”的态度(我们重视您的工作主动性)。

• Ability to motivate people to help with content creation. 能够激励他人共同进行内容创作。

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