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Client Service Manager 客户服务经理

Client Service Manager 客户服务经理


This role is aimed to cover the gap in the current workflow from sales to delivery, meet the Chinese customers’ requirements, bring better customer experience. E.g., work with a bridge to link the multiple contact persons in overseas production to the customers in China, it is easier to level up the customer experience. 该岗位旨在弥补销售至交付过程中现有工作流的不足,满足中国客户的需求,为客户提供更好的服务体验。例如,与海外生产的多个联系人建立桥梁,将其与中国客户联系起来,这样更容易提升客户体验。

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Actively participated in client related meetings internally and externally with colleagues from different departments.  积极参加与客户有关的内部和外部会议,与不同部门的同事协作
  • Conduct client meetings in the assigned territory when the sales team members cannot or hard to meet the client.  在销售团队成员无法或难以与客户会面时,在约定区域会见客户
  • Regular meeting with all contacts in the assigned territory and delivery the information from the catch-ups to the related leaders and team members.  定期与在指定区域内的所有联系人会面,并将会面信息传达给相关领导和团队成员
  • Work with teammates from different service delivery teams globally to respond to customers’ requests.  与来自全球不同服务交付团队的队友合作,以响应客户的需求
  • Handle customer complaints and provide a satisfied solution together with the related service delivery team.  处理客户投诉,并与相关服务交付团队一起为客户提供满意的解决方案
  • Maintain the assigned customer information in the CRM system.   在CRM系统中维护指定客户的信息
  • Seldomly but possibly to work on client related admin tasks in a certain period of time.   偶尔需要处理与客户相关的行政工作
  • Other tasks as required by the line manager.  直线领导分配的其他工作


Social Insurance and Housing Fund, Annual Leave, Bonus, Medical Check-up, EAP Program 五险一金,带薪年假,奖金,免费体检,EAP员工心里关爱计划

Experience & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above. 本科及以上学历
  • 1-5 years of experience in videogames industry is mandatory, and avid in games. 热爱游戏且有1-5年游戏行业从业经验
  • Experience in CRM systems and compliant with the requirement to use CRM system and online data server for timely data/document entry. 有使用CRM系统的经验,且要遵守使用 CRM 系统和在线数据服务器及时录入数据/文件的要求
  • Experience in a multinational company with team members in different countries. 有在跨国公司且团队成员分布在不同国家工作的经验
  • Fluent in English. 英语流利
  • Self-driven. Able to deliver the best results without supervision. 有自我驱动力,能自主优秀的完成工作
  • Possesses sales skills, and experience of dealing directly with customers. 有销售技巧且有直接与客户沟通的经验
  • High standards and demands on the quality of one's work. 对自己的工作质量有高标准和要求
  • Sense of time and urgency. Completes work in the time required, or when not required, in the most efficient manner and in the shortest time possible. And able to work under pressure. 有良好的抗压能力,有时间和紧迫意识,能够在规定时间内完成工作,或在没有明确时间要求时以最高效的状态在最短时间内完成工作
  • Not set limits for himself/herself and is willing to try new areas and things.  对自己不设限,愿意尝试新的领域和事情
  • Creative and innovative, open-minded, and willing to share and communicate. 有想法,有创新精神,性格开朗且愿意分享和沟通
  • Willing to travel. 愿意出外勤
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