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The Benefits of Keywords’ QA Testing Services

Author: Sylvio Forget, FQA Manager at Keywords
Date Published: 03/01/2024
Person using  VR headset

As the video games market continues to grow in terms of the number of gamers and the variety of devices games are being played on, the demand for captivating gameplay has never been higher. Developers and publishers are now facing the challenge of not just meeting these expectations but exceeding them. 

In a world where tech moves fast, developers need to stay quick on their feet, adjusting their moves to create innovative games while working to tight deadlines. Below, Sylvio Forget, FQA Manager at Keywords, discusses the benefits of meeting these challenges by collaborating with our extensive QA service offerings.


1. Access to a pool of expert talent

Our teams at Keywords boast years of experience across genres and platforms, and a diverse range of skills that elevates the quality of testing. We’re also equipped with teams of experts who specialise in specific domains, such as VR, Mobile and PC Compatibility, Certification and more, adding a layer of expertise that is indispensable in today’s highly competitive market.

2. Flexible solutions

Outsourcing QA offers clients the advantage of flexible scalability depending on project needs. Whether you’re looking for basic FQA testing or the seamless integration of a testing team into your operations, our teams have the capability to provide customised solutions that meet your unique needs. 

Flexibility is further enhanced by our round-the-clock coverage. By leveraging international studio locations and various time zones, Keywords’ QA Testing services can provide continuous coverage, a competitive edge that accelerates project delivery.


3. Cost effectiveness

This might come as a surprise, but outsourcing QA actually saves costs in the long run. As highlighted in the Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2022, substantial cost reductions of up to 40-60% can be achieved by mitigating the overhead expenses that come with building and maintaining an in-house testing team. By sidestepping the potential complexities tied to an in-house QA team and minimising recruitment, training, and salary expenses, clients can redirect their resources to better align to other core business objectives.

4. Objective evaluations

As gamers ourselves, we understand that it’s quite easy to become attached to a game. Outsourcing QA and working with a fresh pair of eyes allows for an objective evaluation of the project. This can uncover overlooked bugs, identify potential risks and also provide valuable insights and first impressions that an in-house team might miss due to familiarity. 


5. Staying ahead of the competition

Quality QA requires tapping into the latest tools and technology, especially in today’s fast-paced market. Keywords’ teams are equipped and trained in the latest testing tools, utilising these to ensure that your game benefits from the most cutting-edge methods available. This also eliminates the need for our clients to invest time and money in these technologies.