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Keywords Studios and Reactional Music Explore Unique Collaboration

Keywords Studios and Reactional Music bring together global development services and world’s first generative music engine for games, creator worlds and emerging technologies

Date Published: 20/05/2024

Keywords Studios and Reactional Music form a collaboration to explore faster development of music and sound in games.

Keywords Studios, the international provider of creative and technology-enabled solutions to the video gaming and entertainment industries, and Reactional Music, the rule-based music personalisation engine that connects the worlds of music and games for game developers, music artists, creators and gamers, are delighted to announce they are exploring a unique collaboration to support the implementation of Reactional’s technology as a service for customers including games developers and publishers.

Both companies bring their distinctive strengths to the collaboration, with Keywords being a global leader in providing large-scale game development services, including to 24 of the top 25 most prominent global games companies. Reactional is driving next-generation musical experiences in gaming and creator worlds, connecting music and games creatively, commercially and technically.  

Reactional’s generative music engine allows music and audio to be generated live around the gamer. Generative music means there is no longer need for hard coding, resulting in faster and more efficient creation and trialing of music and audio in games. This complementary technology empowers human composers to experiment easily and iterate creatively.

Keywords, with its extensive global footprint and industry-leading engineering capabilities, is set to offer advisory and implementation services in the integration of Reactional into game development projects on behalf of clients. Keywords will continue to provide traditional audio services for games, as well as offering the selective integration of Reactional’s technology to provide additional opportunity and optionality for clients across game design, player immersion and the overall audio development workflow in their projects.

The Keywords and Reactional collaboration will empower game developers, composers and sound designers to harness the potential of adaptive and dynamic music experiences, to create differentiated gaming experiences.

Jamie Campbell, Global Head of Innovation at Keywords Studios, comments:  ”Our partnership with Reactional Music demonstrates our desire to innovate and provide new solutions for our clients to test the boundaries of creativity. By combining our large-scale game development services with Reactional Music's rule-based music engine, we aim to provide an invaluable service to those game publishers and developers who want to approach their audio landscape in a different way; the fact that reactive composition enhancement through music and audio can be done without coding makes this an effective tool for prototyping, in addition to use in certain production workflows to allow our music licensing and audio teams to focus on adding even more value for clients.”

Reactional Music is known for its pioneering work enabling closer technical integration of music and games industries.  A partnership with Keywords is a key step for growth and scale utilising the scale of Keywords’ global implementation teams. Reactional will work with Keywords to deliver its technology into games and interactive applications and to also extend its innovative solution beyond the core gaming space.

David Knox, president of Reactional Music, said: “Keywords Studios is a global leader in games and development services. Collaborating with its teams and studios provides an incredible opportunity to scale Reactional. We believe that Keywords’ implementation teams can also enable Reactional to extend its generative music and creator tools in innovative ways beyond the core gaming space.

“As music consumption habits change, Reactional is working with partners to create and enable new music and audio experiences beyond gaming and into emerging technology and product areas such as VR, AR and XR, creating new types of creator and fan experiences around music.”


The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

WB Games
Take 2 Interactive
Sony interactive entertainment
Perfect World
NetEase Games
Square Enix
Bandai Namco games
Tencent games
Riot Games
Electronic Arts
Cyber Agent