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Keywords Studios and Havok Pave the Way for Innovation

Date Published: 12/02/2024
keywords and havok logos for partnership

Keywords Studios, a global leader in creative and technology-enabled services for the video game industry, is pleased to announce that it is deepening its existing relationship with leading middleware technology provider, Havok®, as it continues to innovate and provide the best solutions experience to AAA clients. For more than 20 years, Havok has enabled game developers across all platforms to push the limits of video games through its premium solutions, Havok Physics, Havok AI and Havok Cloth. 

Award-winning Havok Physics® is the most optimised, performant, stable rigid body physics middleware in the games industry, Havok AI® is recognised for its fast, robust navigation mesh generation, and sophisticated pathfinding, allowing characters to move in highly dynamic environments, while Havok Cloth® empowers artists to create clothing and attachments that bring characters to life, adding advanced levels of realism during in-game events.

The enhanced relationship will explore how Keywords’ Create division, which works on some of the world’s largest IPs, can collaborate with Havok to deliver the leading implementation of its solutions, so that clients can harness the power of Havok's cutting-edge technologies to elevate dynamic games experiences. Due to its unique position within the video games ecosystem, there is also potential for Keywords to advise on the future Havok product roadmap.

"As we look to enter this novel collaboration with Havok, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of technology across diverse industries," said Jamie Campbell, Global Head of Innovation at Keywords Studios. "Havok's AI, Physics, and Cloth technologies are key, not just to gaming but also in adjacent sectors, and we're excited to integrate these capabilities into our advisory and implementation services."

“We are very excited to be working closely with Keywords Studios as they strive to help build better games." said Andy Payne, EMEA Region Director at Havok, “and look forward to seeing the impact of the partnership in our customers games.”

In addition to providing advisory services within the video games sector, Keywords Studios intends to extend its expertise to be able to implement Havok technologies in projects around the edge of games, including VFX (Visual Effects) and Virtual Production. 

The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

WB Games
Take 2 Interactive
Sony interactive entertainment
Perfect World
NetEase Games
Square Enix
Bandai Namco games
Tencent games
Riot Games
Electronic Arts
Cyber Agent