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Characters from a game fighting a large monster with bows and shields


Brighton, United Kingdom

Based in Brighton, UK, TrailerFarm creates the striking, dynamic cinematic promotional content video games need to get noticed in crowded markets worldwide. 

Since 2011, TrailerFarm has been producing award-winning creative content for clients and partners all around the globe, from AAA publishers to indie developers of all sizes. Delivering on everything from narrative lore, proof-of-concept and in-game cinematics to gameplay, CG marketing content, and versioning, clearance and delivery, TrailerFarm is where top-tier development expertise meets cutting-edge marketing savvy.

Big Farmer

Big Farmer is the cinematics and VFX engine room grown within TrailerFarm. They are game developers, artists, engine experts, writers and producers - delivering the best in technical-art-led productions.  

Big Farmer focuses on innovation, technological advancement, and experimentation, also focusing on high-end technical-art beyond video games. This extends its offline render and virtual production expertise into film, TV, and live experiences.

Virtual Production at Trailer Farm on scene

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