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COD Warzone character sat on the edge of a helicopter, surrounded by other helicopters

Creative Production

We understand video game audiences and are specialists in building brands.

But many developers and publishers also know that giving your game deep penetration into the largest possible audience worldwide requires the kind of global reach, local knowledge, and expertise in generating groundbreaking, eye-catching campaigns that only decades of experience can bring. 

Keywords know better than anyone how to identify your players and communities and target them with creative, dynamic approaches that will grab their attention and not let it go.

Our services produce strategic, impactful content that helps your IP stand out from the crowd and drives engagement on a global scale.

Virtual Production

Our in-house creative teams have a deep understanding of the latest innovative virtual production techniques to bring your creative to life.

We understand the nuances of the development lifecycle, the benefits of using one production pipeline over another, and how to take a creative idea and turn it into a blockbuster trailer (and plan, arrange, and manage the teams that create the magic). 

We have best-in-class game capture teams, technical art experts, and directors and producers who can set up and coordinate live actions shoots.

Virtual Production at Trailer Farm on scene

Branding, Visual Identity & Key Art

Work with us to create a dynamic, consistent brand and messaging that appeals to your target audience.

We are then able to roll this out to:

  • Logos
  • Key visuals and art
  • Channel takeovers,
  • Box art
  • Plus any other interpretations you need.

We achieve success by aligning to our clients’ long-term business objectives and fostering strategic partnerships. 


A banner with the modern warfare logo
A row of bird-like fantasy creatures heading into battle

Creative Ideation

We work with your teams to provide a fresh perspective, which together with a strong understanding of how to execute on the creative vision, within budget, allows you to spend time focusing on bringing your title to market. 

Other Services

Various UX elements

UI/UX Design & Animation

There is nothing we love more than joining forces with our clients and partners at any project-stage to help them deliver games that look jaw-dropping, feel dynamic and play seamlessly. 

Services include: 

  • Design Language & Development
  • Graphic Design/Treatment
  • User Workflow, Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Asset Design & Application
  • Reskins
  • VR/AR Integration

Music, Sound Design & Music Partnerships

We understand the importance of music and audio to create impactful marketing campaigns for video games and other media. We bridge the worlds of music, games, TV, and film via the below services.

  • Music Composition
  • Music Licensing & Sync
  • Music Partnerships
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing & Post Production

Our team of musicians, producers, supervisors and sound designers deliver engaging audio across every project.

The Power of Partnership: Our Clients

WB Games
Take 2 Interactive
Sony interactive entertainment
Perfect World
NetEase Games
Square Enix
Bandai Namco games
Tencent games
Riot Games
Electronic Arts
Cyber Agent