As a Project Manager at Lakshya Digital a Keywords Studios, you will be responsible for providing leadership to the project team and ensureing that project goals with regard to profitability, quality and timelines are met.Plans and manages projects efficiently.Works with the Leads and the Art Team to solve project problems. Regularly reports Project Status to management and to clients.


  • Drives team to capture client’s requirements quickly, and to gain a complete and correct understanding of it before the work is estimated or scheduled.
  • Works with the India Leads and Final Reviewers to ensure that the team creates effort estimates – and bids - that are realistic and competitive.
  • Communicates regularly with the client and other internal stakeholders on the project progress through various stages, including delays, in an error free manner.
  • Shares the client feedback with the Art team promptly and accurately to ensure that the feedback is understood.
  • Uses industry standard software like MS Project/MS Excel to plan & create schedules.
  • Creates realistic but competitive Project Budgets. Is able to make and present a compelling case to management when the Planned Margin is less than the threshold margin
  • Ensures that the project is set-up correctly, and on time & are executed as per plan and within the planned budget.
  • Ensures that the team consistently and correctly creates, updates and uses all key documents such as Feedback Tracker, Query Tracker etc.
  • Works with the Lead to establish an effective work review process for the project, including effective quality checkpoints, to ensure that the project quality goals are met.
  • Treats team – including QC artists assigned to the project - fairly and with respect.
  • Recognizes good performance and highlights it to the team. Similarly, does not hesitate to pull up artists for poor performance or bad behavior.
  • Provides regular and authentic feedback to the leads and team, with a view to develop their art and delivery skills.
  • Is well versed OR quickly adapts to using various project management tools like JIRA, Base-camp, Slack,Shotgun, etc.


A. Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • Good knowledge of managing services projects, especially in a video games company.
  • Good knowledge of Project Management Best Practices.
  • Knowledge of game art production pipeline desirable, but not essential.
  • At least 2 years of experience of working as a Project Manager is a services organization.

B. Behaviors and Abilities

1. Leadership

  • In the face of ambiguity, acts decisively, after weighting the pros and cons of the different courses available, and also consulting other experts / seniors.
  • Owns the performance and development of the Project Management team and identifies areas to develop. Work with Management to provide avenues for development.

2. Self Management

  • In the face of a difficult or stressful situation, does not lose his / her cool. Works to keep the stress level and inter-personal friction within the team down.
  • Works hard to establish himself / herself with the team, the client and seniors as being reliable, responsible and trustworthy.
  • Willingly does his / her share of the work, openly takes responsibility for their mistakes and lives up to their commitments.

3. Communication

  • Has strong communication skills and can effectively communicate directions, plans and explanations to the team verbally. Ensures that such communication is well thought out and structured.
  • Is able to close loops of communication so that all the requisite information is shared with the relevant stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Ensures that all communication and deliveries going out from the project team are complete and error-free in every way.
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