This is a new role in for a client-dedicated Localisation Project Manager (LPM) to be based in Shanghai. The LPM will support the client’s Chinese Localisation team and will work closely with the client’s tools, processes and personnel.

In this role, the LPM will need to master file delivery management to support the client’s localisation and LQA requests.

The LPM will manage the hand off and delivery of multiple localisation projects of different sizes, simultaneously within the timeframe agreed with the client.


Duties and Responsibilities

Client Relationship

  • Work closely with the client’s China localisation team on project specifications.
  • 与客户的中国本地化团队紧密合作,制定项目规范
  • Communicate regularly and professionally with the client’s China localisation team.
  • 与客户的中国本地化团队定期、专业地进行交流


  • Manage all communication channels on assigned projects.
  • 管理所分配项目的所有沟通渠道
  • Ensure communication is clear and concise on project requirements to other KW offices and the client’s language providers and development teams.
  • 确保与其他KW办事处、客户的语言服务供应商和开发团队就项目要求进行清晰简洁的沟通

Project Management

  • Work with the client’s localisation tool to organise tasks and deliveries.
  • 使用客户的本地化工具来安排任务与交付
  • Hand off files to the client’s language providers, including KW.
  • 将文件交接给客户的语言服务供应商,包括KW
  • Monitor status and track delivery of projects.
  • 监控项目的状态,跟踪项目的交付
  • Seek solutions for issues that arise during projects and escalate risks as necessary.
  • 为项目过程中出现的问题和风险寻求解决方案
  • Propose improvements to process where applicable.
  • 提出适用的流程改进措施


  • Work as part of in-house client-dedicated teams in KW.
  • 成为KW内部客户专用团队的一员
  • Build good working relationships with all client-dedicated team members in KW.
  • 与KW的所有客户专用团队成员建立良好工作关系
  • Build working relationships and daily cooperation with the KW LPM and KW Leads for Localisation and LQA.
  • 与KW的LPM与组长建立工作关系并日常合作,进行本地化和LQA工作
  • Build good working relationships with other KW offices, language providers and developers, working on the client’s localisation.
  • 与其他KW办事处、语言服务供应商和开发人员建立良好的工作关系,致力于客户的本地化项目
  • Support the other LPMs and assist the KW client-dedicated teams’ Leads.
  • 支持其他LPM并协助KW客户专用团队组长


  • Conduct project presentations and compile daily, weekly and monthly and ad hoc reports as appropriate.
  • 进行项目演示,并根据需要编写每日、每周、每月和特别报告
  • Escalate any material issues that arise on a project to the LPM and Team Manager and agree how to manage and communicate these with the client.
  • 将项目中出现的任何重大问题上报给LPM和团队经理,并就如何处理和与客户沟通达成一致
  • Participate in regular internal meetings.
  • 定期参加内部会议。

Personal development

  • Take responsibility for personal learning and training needs.
  • 负责个人的学习与进修需求。


  • Degree / Diploma in Business, Translation, Computer Science or Games Development
  • 商务、翻译、计算机科学或游戏开发专业文凭/学位
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in Games Localisation or LQA
  • 拥有至少2年的游戏本地化或LQA经验
  • Must be motivated and a team player
  • 态度积极并具有团队合作精神
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills in English and Chinese
  • 优秀的书面、口头和人际沟通能力
  • Excellent knowledge of PC and MS Office products is essential
  • 必须精通常用电脑软件(如MS Office)
  • Excellent coordination skills
  • 优秀的协调能力
  • Flexible towards working hours
  • 工作时间灵活
  • Ability to cope under pressure and to work to tight deadlines
  • 能够承受压力,并能在严格期限内完成工作
  • Ability to work with remote teams
  • 具备与远程团队合作的能力
  • In depth knowledge of MOBA games
  • 对MOBA游戏有深入了解
  • Knowledge of memoQ
  • 精通memoQ
  • Knowledge of an additional language an advantage
  • 通悉额外语言为佳
  • Knowledge of MT an advantage
  • 了解MT知识为佳


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