Snowed in Studios is a game development studio based in Ottawa, Canada. As part of Keywords Studios’ engineering service line, we provide programming support to some of the most important and exciting games being made today. You’ll have the chance to make a global impact, working in a studio known for shipping some of the most prestigious household names in gaming.

At Snowed In Studios, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality solutions to difficult problems. Excellence in engineering is at the heart of who we are, what we offer and what sets us apart. This core part of our identity is what helps us get repeat business and grow through word of mouth.

Employee satisfaction is at the top of our priority list. We understand that you work your best when you’re happy.

We are looking for experienced lead programmers who can fit into our culture. Are you a perfect fit? Let us know – we can’t wait to meet you.

If you’re a strong C++ programmer with a passion for implementing game audio on consoles and PC, we’ve got a golden opportunity for you in The Nation’s Capital. Snowed In Studios, Ottawa’s largest game development studio, is looking for intermediate to senior game audio C++ developers who want to work on high-profile, AAA titles for major publishers. You will be in a creative environment and will have a direct impact on the sound development of top-tier games. If you can picture yourself taking on cutting-edge audio challenges, keep reading, it gets better!

Cool stuff you’ll be doing:

  • Designing, implementing, and debugging audio systems and pipelines for game development in our Ottawa Studio
  • Developing audio integrations with the game while supporting the sound designers in their day-to-day job functions
  • Collaborating on systems and tools to help audio designers implement their creative vision
  • Documenting audio systems and educating the content creators in best practices
  • Building a solid relationship with your programming peers in-house and around the world


Cool people we’re looking for:

  • Strong programming background in C++, including solid experience with WWise and FMOD
  • Experience developing audio systems for games, including optimization
  • Strong organizational skills and outstanding communication skills
  • BSc in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Previous experience as an audio engineer on 2 or more AAA titles

Major plus for your XP in the following areas:

  • Working as an audio engineering lead in AAA console and PC game development
  • Experience with DSP and audio signal analysis
  • Dynamic dialog tools, variable importance mixing (VIM)
  • Audio engine maintenance
  • Spatial audio
  • Accessibility
  • A serious love of game audio
  • Strong musical background
  • Experience with console development (PS4, Xbox One, etc.)


If this sounds like you, here’s what we offer:

  • The chance to work in triple-A, in a no-crunch modern studio with a relaxed atmosphere, competitive benefits and generous time off
  • Ottawa! Low cost of living, five universities, and year-round sporting and cultural activities in a dynamic city with a thriving music scene
  • A dynamic and supportive team environment with a range of experience
  • The opportunity to build or expand your career the way you want to, in a smaller studio connected to a global studio family
  • A way-cool hoodie

If this sounds like you, reach out! Send us a CV to and we’d love to hear all about you.

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