1st Oct 2021

Keywords Insights Q3 2021

Each quarter we share with you specialist knowledge from the world of external video games development, as well as industry news and events.

COO Sonia Sedler Features in MCV/Develop

In a recent interview with MCV/Develop, Keywords Studios COO Sonia Sedler discussed the pandemic, how Keywords has coped, the holistic benefits of more flexible and remote working, what a return to the office means and how the industry can stand up to crunch culture. She says: “As many of us are not in the workplace, surrounded by our peers, it is our collective sense of values and behaviours that keeps us aligned.”

Check out the full article here

Keywords Enters into Sponsor Partnership With Women in Games

Keywords Studios recently announced a new partnership with Women in Games to sponsor its renowned ambassador programme under the heading, ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’. The partnership will work to enhance the ambassador initiative, supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials and services for Women in Games ambassadors.

Read the full announcement here

How to Plan Submission Testing for Your Upcoming Game Release

Each of the major console platforms have their own version of submission criteria and processes that need to be followed. You will not be able to have your game released on any console until the game passes submission. In a new article, Certification Manager Michael Holdaway outlines what the submission or certification process is and why developers need to plan for it.

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Watch on-demand: ‘How to Support Multi-Language Communities’

At Keywords Player Support, we manage multilingual communities for some of the biggest publishers and developers in the world, helping to keep players connected to game makers and fellow players. Our webinar on ‘How to Support Multi-Language Communities’ provides insightful takeaways on how to develop active and engaged multi-language communities and provide immersive experience for gamers.

Watch it here

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