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Bottles with Hardsuit labs written on them
Bottles with Hardsuit labs written on them

Hardsuit Labs

Seattle, WA, United States

Seattle-based Hardsuit Labs is an independent game studio specialising in both original development and work for hire, with industry-leading expertise in Unreal Engine across all platforms. 

The talented team prides themselves on shipping quality experiences, working efficiently and effectively, and punching above their weight. They believe their key to success is building the right team and fostering a positive work culture that empowers brilliant people to do their best work.


Within industry circles, Hardsuit is known for its expertise and experience with Unreal Engine development across all platforms. Our lineage with Unreal dates to UE2.5, through all versions to unreleased versions still in development. Successes include UE3 baseline source port to PS4, UE4 support on iOS, and Daydream support of UE4 on Android.