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Game Software Engineer 游戏软件工程师
Asia Pacific
Game Development

Game Software Engineer 游戏软件工程师

  • Design, develop, write, test, and implement systems and game code 设计、开发、编写、测试并实现系统和游戏代码
  • Work with designers, artists and other personnel involved in the development process as required to create the highest possible quality product 根据需要与设计师、艺术家和其他参与开发过程的人员合作,以创造尽可能高质量的产品
  • Help to develop technical design specifications and is able to implement them 帮助制定技术设计规范,并且保证落地;
  • Test and refines gameplay features throughout the development cycle of the project 在完整项目开发周期中测试和完善游戏功能
  • Estimate own tasks and delivers high quality code to that schedule 按照既定时间交付高质量代码
  • Perform code reviews with the team to ensure code quality 与团队一起进行代码审查,确保代码质量


Experience & Requirements

  • Proficient in C/C++ 精通C或C++语言;
  • A year’s experience working in the video games industry 在视频游戏行业有一年的工作经验
  • Worked on game engines such as Unreal and Unity 接触过像Unreal或者Unity这样的游戏引擎
  • Knowledge of industry standard development practices: source control, asset pipelines, issue tracking, external QA and localization teams 熟悉行业标准的开发实践:源代码控制、资产管道、问题跟踪、外部QA和本地化团队
  • Proficient in English and writing 英文熟练
  • Exposure to post-launch on-going product development and delivery 接触上市后的持续产品开发和交付工作
  • Continuous integration and build automation experience 持续集成和构建自动化经验
  • Worked in an Agile development environment 曾在敏捷开发环境中工作
  • Experience with art packages and pipeline development 拥有艺术资源包和管道开发的经验
  • Experience with low level optimization, shader programming, physics or mathematics 有低级别的优化、着色器编程、物理学或数学方面的经验
  • Shipped one AAA game 参与过3A级别的游戏制作
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