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Cinematic Storytelling: Creating Seamless Narratives Using Historical Fact & Fiction

How can you create a detailed, real-world space that conveys an actual place in time whilst tailoring it to convey a fictional alternative history? 

During our digital event SPOV, a Keywords studio, describe the lessons learned and the methods used on their journey to provide cinematics for several games.

Using their personal history with the franchise and their creative design process, they discuss the challenges of maintaining continuity, blending cultural references with historical research and how they sought to tell the story of our protagonists in a meaningful and engaging way.  

During our talk, you will hear from our SPOV talents, Jasmine Christmas, Managing Director, Agnes Kasilovska, Creative Director and Sam Thompson, Graphic Designer.

About the speakers

Spov Team for Cinematic Storytelling Webinar

Jasmine Christmas, Agnes Kasilovska and Sam Thompson.

Jasmine Christmas will always be a Producer at heart but is welcoming future opportunities as she steps into her new role as Managing Director of SPOV. With a background in film, television and advertising, Jasmine found her spiritual home in the games industry when joining SPOV in 2017.

Working with a wealth of talented people, she’s had the pleasure of sharing her passion for games and her desire to “make cool stuff” for some of the industry’s biggest titles. 

Agnes Kasilovska is a London-based Creative Director with a background in photography and media arts. She had a passion for interactive media and games that encouraged her to move from Lithuania and seek new challenges.

She found like-minded people at SPOV, who shared her passion for cinematography, storytelling and video games and has worked there since 2015. She is always seeking new ways of expression and has been submerged in her current passion for VR sculpting and racoons. 

Sam Thompson is a graphic designer, based in London, with a background in animation and advertising. She has been working at SPOV for three years, where she expanded her love of storytelling through diving deep into research. Sam is inspired by fashion, gaming and dinosaurs. 


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