Lakshya is one of the world’s leading provider of game art creation services. It creates 3D and 2D art and animation for major international game development studios in the US, Japan and Europe. Lakshya is a part of the Dublin headquartered Keywords Studios, the world’s leading provider of game development services. Keywords has studios in Dublin, London, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Gurgaon, Pune, Montreal, Seattle, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.

Lakshya in India is headquartered in Gurgaon and has a team of over 400 employees spread across studio facilities in Gurgaon, Pune and Seattle, and sales offices in San Diego and Tokyo. Setup in 2004, Lakshya has, over the last 12 years, created a reputation in the game development industry for being a highly talented and dependable game art studio. During this time, Lakshya has created art for over a hundred game titles, including hugely successful global hits such as Bloodborne, Dark Souls II, Just Cause 3, WWE 2K16, Uncharted 2, Farmville and Cityville. Lakshya’s senior team, which comprises of top-notch International and Indian talent, has a huge amount of experience of creating art for different game platforms and genres. Lakshya blends artistic creativity with strong process orientation in order to deliver best in class services. Lakshya works closely with NASSCOM to help in the growth of the game development eco-system in India.


Role Responsibilities

1. Study the task specifications and client brief thoroughly before initiating estimation or commencing work on tasks. Understand the information provided and highlight to the Lead any missing or contradictory information.

2. Provide a list of queries to the Lead to seek clarification on the task allocated. Ensure that maximum clarity is achieved regarding the specifications, art direction and approach for a task before commencing work on it.

3. Work closely with the Lead to arrive at appropriate effort estimates for tasks.

4. Ensure that there is no ambiguity or confusion regarding any aspect (specifications, timelines etc.) of the task in hand. Should not make any unwarranted assumptions. Should red flag to the Lead/sub-Lead any confusion or ambiguity.

5. Before commencing work on the task, ensure that there is clear identification of the approach to be taken to create the task as well as daily work completion targets and the same have been discussed with the Lead/sub-Lead before finalization.

6. Collect adequate and appropriate references before commencing work.

7. Create controls for animation. Rigging and skinning of characters and props

8. Provide daily update of task status to Lead/sub-Lead.

9. Adopt organization mandated Best Practices and Work Processes while working on a task.

10. Deliver high quality work with zero QC errors and resulting in minimal iteration. Diligently check task against checklist to ensure that the task complies with all specifications.

Requirements and Skills

1. A graduate with working experience of 1-3 years in character setup / rigging

2. Able to build custom biped, quadruped, facial and mechanical rigs

3. Good knowledge of anatomy for both human/biped and animal/quadruped

4. Equally proficient in Maya and 3DS MAX

5. Good understanding of the game art creation pipeline

6. Candidates should be able to work with minimal guidance and be comfortable working in a team environment.

7. Self-motivated, good communications skills and problem-solving abilities.

8. Background in visual arts/design with a strong understanding of form, geometry and movement.

9. Artists who have skills in other functional areas (modeling, texturing etc.)

10. Passionate gamer with experience playing a wide range of video games.

Required Behaviors and Abilities

A. Self-Management

a. Professional and friendly in daily conduct.

b. Able to create, track and maintain realistic and meaningful daily goals for self and complete the planned work for the day on time every day.

c. Able to plan work-days and leaves in advance, after consultation with the PM and Lead, keeping the project requirements in mind.

d. Able to create a self-development plan in consultation with the Reporting Manager, and to work on the same diligently.

e. Stays up-to-date with knowledge/understanding of the latest developments in tools and technologies related to game art production.

f. Able to take timely and correct decisions on how an asset should be created. Consults with senior artists/ leads to validate the course of action.

g. In the face of a difficult or stressful situation, does not lose his / her cool. Manages stress appropriately to ensure effective team work.

B. Communication

a. Able to regularly communicate with Lead and PM to inform on:

i. Completion status of work allocated

ii. Leaves planned

iii. Any problems or issues that might impact the timely completion of work

iv. Any new learnings

b. Able to effectively communicate the following (tries to do so in English):

v. Questions related to the asset allocated or any aspect of the project

vi. Asset delivery notes and explanations vii. Work status

viii. Comments and explanations to be added to Feedback Tracker

c. Verbally communicate complex problems and issues, whether project or people related, with ease and simplicity, keeping the recipient’s comprehension level in mind.

d. Confidently and effectively communicate in English with non-Indian team members.

e. Show clear ability and intent to understand and care about the concerns or feelings of others, and to communicate such awareness emphatically to others.

C. Team

a. Consistently deliver assigned assets within timelines and as per quality to come across as a reliable, responsible and trustworthy team member.

b. Show commitment to support the success of the project through delivery, stretching or going the extra mile if required, and highlighting and solving asset creation related issues

c. Be open to feedback and be willing to owe up to mistakes to work towards a positive contribution.

d. Show initiative by volunteering and taking on tasks important to the successful execution of the project.

e. Set a personal example for the team through their conduct and professional behavior – treating people well, coming to work on time, not wasting time etc.

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