Job Purpose

In addition to the job purposes required as a QA Test Lead, the Senior Lead will be responsible for:

  • Training and coaching newly promoted Leads for the first three months on the position
  • Training and coaching Associate Leads when assigned as the sole QA Supervisor.
  • Coordinating Senior tester reviews and ensuring deadlines are respected.
  • Being a SPOC for Senior Testers.
  • Supporting and/or championing department initiatives originating from the Lead group.
  • Assuming main Lead duties in multiple Lead projects.

Please note this position is open exclusively for LQA Leads. (Not FQA Leads or any other department)

Scope of Role

In addition to the conditions and responsibilities of a QA Test Lead, the job entails having a major responsibility for mentoring and coaching Seniors and new Test Leads as well as to provide a stable and proactive role model for the department.

Senior Test Leads will be required to set an example to other employees. As the senior member of the test team, it is important to lead by initiative and behave in accordance to the core of Babel’s values. The Senior Test Lead is expected to be familiar and proficient with all of the department processes and tools (including any updates or changes made) and be able to pass on this knowledge to Seniors and other Test Leads.

They are responsible for the regular evaluation of testers and Seniors, and are required to give in person, qualitative and quantitative feedback on their performance.

Senior Test Leads will be responsible for mentoring Seniors, meeting them on a regular basis to review the Senior’s development/career path. They will coordinate with the other Test Leads to support the development of the Seniors’ skill set.

In cooperation with PMs, the Senior Test Lead is responsible for ensuring that newly promoted Test Leads have the necessary knowledge required to perform their assigned duties. This can include teaching the Test Leads the current department processes, how to use existing tools, and pass along best practices, developing or updating training materials as needed. Direct supervision and evaluation of all Test Leads will remain as the responsibility of the Project Manager.

As a Senior Test Lead, they will be expected to be a point of contact for Associate Test Leads on department processes and tools and provide support as needed.

In case of unique project requirements, they are expected to accommodate a flexible schedule to step up to support non- standard shift times.

When on a project that has multiple Leads assigned to it, the Senior Test Lead will coordinate the project roles and daily responsibilities of the other Leads under the overall supervision of the Project Manager.


  • Uderstanding of a project cycle and a games’ development process.
  • Understanding of functionality QA and Compliance testing processes.
  • Understanding of the 1st party submission requirements and certification process.
  • Understanding of a bug’s life cycle and workflow within a defect tracking database.
  • Strong knowledge of the title being tested.
  • Understanding of QA Strategy and QA Plan building.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize efficiently.
  • Strong leadership skills and decision making abilities.
  • Works well under pressure and is able to manage stressful situations
  • Accountable and responsible.
  • Agile and flexible to change.
  • Skillful in conflict management and giving of constructive feedback.
  • Results driven and able to lead a team to success.
  • Encourages others to keep a high standard of accuracy and leads by example
  • Honest & open communication, speaks up in meetings, shares opinions.
  • Understands and is able to meet deadlines.
  • Listens actively, encourages and incorporates others input.
  • Self-motivated, innovative and analytical with strong attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Strong coaching and mentoring skills to help develop new or improve existing skills in team members.
  • Has relevant IT skills in order to work with different software and hardware required for projects.
  • Experienced with all next gen and current gen console hardware and software.
  • Experienced with mobile and PC hardware and software.
  • IT literate.
  • Strong English skills.


  • Familiarity with defect tracking tools, workflows, test case management tools, agile tools, and project tools, such as JIRA, Confluence, Spira, TestTrack, DevTrack, and DevTest.
  • Experienced with platform specific Testing Tools (Steam, LanForge, Xbox Manager, PS Publishing tools, Xbox GUI).
  • Experience with video capture hardware and software.
  • Intermediate skills with MS Excel.
  • Experience working within MS Office.



Our employees are our most valuable resource; therefore we provide them with a competitive compensation package commensurate with skills and experience, excellent benefits, high level of job satisfaction and a casual and fun work environment.

Keywords International is dedicated to following a well-established Equal Opportunities Policy. We endeavour to create a workplace which provides for equal opportunities for all employees and potential employees.

The masculine form is used throughout the text for ease of reading, but refers to both men and women.

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