15th Dec 2021

Staff Spotlight: meet our Audio Team in Brazil

This week we had a chat with our team in Brazil to talk everything about audio in video games.

Ana Paula Cadamuro has been an audio project manager since July 2020 while Diego Diniz has been an audio lead project manager since July 2019. Before that he has been working as a linear dubbing producer and translator.

Here’s what they had to say!

Describe a typical day in your role.

Ana: When you are an audio PM you have to untangle all the projects’ assets to make the material understandable for those who will record, direct, post-produce, finalise, etc.

You do the first move and then you will follow the project in all of the areas to make sure it will be made just as the client imagined.

If we were in a football team, the audio PM would be the coach assistant, who would know anything about the match, the players, the championship and even about the material the ball is made.

Particularly, I enjoy the part when we deliver the project to the client. Not because it is all over and we can move on to the next project but because when I am checking all the assets we are delivering, it feels really good to hear the recorded audios and say “hey, this sound good, we made it again!”.

It makes me feel proud of the whole team and that is a kind of feeling I keep having since I joined Keywords.

Diego: As an audio lead project manager, it is my responsibility to supervise all audio projects in the company, to make sure each and every one of them are on track, being delivered on time and with the quality expected from Keywords.

Also to always keep track of my team’s well being, making sure that they have enough tools to work with and are not overloaded with more work than they can take handle.

I would say that this is the part I enjoy the most in my role, since I believe that the well being and motivation of the team is of the utmost importance for a job well done.

How did you get into audio for video games? What inspired your career path?

Ana: I was first introduced to the studio as a voice talent back in 2015.

We started working together and that’s when I first entered this “audio for video games” world. I was not very into video games (used to play mobile games or The Sims) but I started to pay more attention to these things and also to the job everybody was doing at the studio.

All the employees seemed very happy with their jobs and excited about the products they were working on.

That made me start thinking that maybe I could work there too. I expressed that interest to my nowadays leader and you can imagine how glad I was when he called me saying that he had a job opportunity for me.

Diego: I have always been passionate about video games, of all kinds, and I’m also very interested in the management part of things.

I had been studying Project Management theories and body of knowledge for some time when I knew Keywords Studios was hiring a new project manager for games audio localization, so it was a perfect fit for me.

Ana Paula Cadamuro & Diego Diniz
Ana Paula Cadamuro & Diego Diniz

What do you like best about working for Keywords Studios?

Ana: Oh, definitely the team! I have never worked in such a good work environment.

I feel that whenever I need, I can reach them to ask for help, to celebrate something good, to talk about the projects or to grab a cup of coffee. I have never felt this welcome in any other place I’ve worked in my life.

After Keywords, I started believing you can actually have friends at the work place, not just colleagues.

Diego: I feel honoured to be able to work in the localization of a wide variety games, being part of this process and helping bring more games to our native language, so more and more people can enjoy them.

What is your favourite video game and why?

Ana: I love playing Mobile Legends and Fortnite. These two really got me. Also I am a big Mortal Kombat fan and always beat my husband (if he says otherwise, don’t believe him).

Diego: I would say it is Magic The Gathering, even though the game audio is not localized, sadly. I’m passionate about it and has been for more than 20 years.

Tell us an interesting fact that people may not know about you.

Ana: I was a radio DJ for many years before I started working with Keywords Studios.

I used to host my show at the radio station and do a part-time job as a voice talent. Back in those days, I used to interview lots of artists and had lots of fun in some events.

I worked for Coca-Cola and that’s when I started to interview international celebrities and my favourites were the band Fall Out Boy and the singer Shawn Mendes.

Diego: Aside from working with project management, I’m also a voice actor, working both in games and also linear dubbing. I’m also a cat person and have two wonderful feline companions.

And, finally, what advice would you give to job seekers considering a career into audio for video games?

Ana: Develop your human skills. That seems like a generic advice, but believe, you will need it.

If you are very into games, that is a great start and if you like to work with audio, that will help a lot. But work with audio for video games goes way beyond these two items.

First of all, you will have to be organised, since you will work on several projects at the same time. Sometimes it will be hard to untangle the project and that will demand patience.

Sometimes you will have booking problems with the actors because of their strict schedule and that will demand dialogue. Sometimes all the deliveries will be at the same day and/or the same time and that will demand focus.

So, study to be the best on whatever area you choose, voice talent, project manager, engineer, post producer, QA, etc.

And develop your human skills to be prepared for any trouble you might have on your path. Be always the best version of yourself, in any aspect of your life.

That you take you to any place you decide to be.

Diego: Being proficient in English is a must! I would say it is also important to understand which part of the audio process you would like to work on and focus on that, as the industry is very wide and welcoming of new professionals.

Being passionate about what you do is also important, as the games industry is driven forward by passionate people.

If you are interested in an Audio role at Keywords Studios, you can find current open positions on our Careers page.

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