16th May 2019

‘Video games is a creative space and a diverse world, so let’s make the game stand out’ – our audio experts feature in MCV

At Keywords Studios, we’re passionate about sound and music in video games and some of our Audio Services experts are talking all things music in the latest issue of MCV magazine.

Danny Kelleher, Laced Records’ CEO and Cord Worldwide’s MD, and Alastair Lindsay, Cord’s Head of Audio, sat down with Marie Dealessandri and discussed hot topics including how to choose the right tracks and licensing music vs creating something bespoke.

“Video games is a creative space and it’s such a diverse world, so let’s try to offer [clients] something original, something different that’s going to make that game stand out, make it sound different from everyone else,” explains Alastair.

The pair also spoke about their excitement around the opportunities provided by new technology and platforms.

“We’re forward thinking as well and obviously with Google Stadia and games coming to streaming platforms, there’s definitely going to be some issues there with regards to music and rights. So we’ll be there to guide people through that process,” says Danny.

And as for the rise of the gaming soundtrack on vinyl as a premium collectors’ item, something Laced Records specialises in, Danny reveals: “We have people contacting us regularly saying: ‘Can you recommend a good frame that would hold the vinyl? I don’t have a vinyl turntable but I want to display it as a piece of artwork on my walls’.”

You can read the full interview on MCV here.

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