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Keywords localizes in-game or art-based text and audio-visual content using state of the art technologies, high profile in-country resources, and the expertise and know-how gained over years of supporting the release of a wide range of market-leading video games. We undertake all aspects of localization in any language and for any market:
  • Software
  • Audio
  • Print
  • Web
  • Marketing
We cover all aspects of the audio production process, from original concept to final delivery, including:
  • Casting
  • Recording
  • Effects
  • Post-Production
  • QA
In our process, Translation has a central role and consists of four different phases performed by different team members, ensuring the highest linguistic standard:
  • Translating
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Quality Control
Our localization service covers all aspects of the game localization process. We expertly manage pre-production, translation, audio recording, desktop publishing and quality control supporting you through the certification and age rating submission processes.

Strong Centralized Project Management
You will be assigned a single Project Manager who will take care of any aspect of your project and will be your only point of contact.
Extensive pre-production work is carried out to ensure the best results are achieved in terms of quality and costs. During this phase any code-related issues, such as concatenations, unsupported fonts or text lenghts are identified and solved by working in close cooperation with our customer. Localization kit are prepared and files are engineered to be worked on with specialized localization and CAT tools.

Terminology / Rating / Certification Management
Glossaries, key terms, and localization strategies are centrally managed by our Quality Control team to ensure cross-language and cross-discipline consistency. Rating and Certification Specialists are on hand to support you at any time.
Continuous Production Support 
Continuous assessments of potential savings on initial material and on updates are carried out throughout the project.

Post-Mortem kits are prepared for future updates/version.

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Game Globalization
Keywords' deep knowledge of the certification, terminology, and platform compliance process has led major industry players to choose us as the backbone of their globalization and localization process.
Functional Testing
Here at Keywords we are aware of the need for thorough QA on all titles. Poor QA could affect sales and perceived quality of titles. Our team is here to help find the most difficult of issues and improve the stability of your titles.
Localization Testing
Localization and functional testing are key phases for the release of any software or any digital media. We have developed an innovative and unique testing process that delivers top quality results whilst also generating significant cost savings.
Quality Control
Available to our customers as well, our language QA department can cater to all your needs from complete outsource localization quality control to ad hoc services complementing your in house or 3rd party provider.