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Primed for Success: Building Client’s Entire Localization Workflow

The first game a new studio puts out is always a defining moment. With no previous experience in localization, our client required a solution that could support with building an entire workflow from the ground up, whilst taking on production autonomously.

Our expert insourced Localization Manager took on this challenge, allowing the client to stay lean and focus on its own areas of expertise. Together, we built a top-quality localization workflow, negating the need for the client to hire an in-house Localization Manager for this project.

The Challenge

From the beginning, we understood the client’s needs could not be solved by simply acting as a localization partner. To start with, at the time of reaching out to Keywords, it didn’t have a localization manager that could take on the project and liaise with both developers and the vendor.

Work had to start, but no localization procedures were in place. No production workflows, no invoicing methods, no path to QA localization. For the client to truly be able to focus on its game, we had to take on this task and not only provide outstanding localization, but also collaborate closely to design and implement its entire localization pipeline.

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The Solution

Our proposed solution was to in-source one of our experienced Localization Managers into the client’s team. Initially, this was only meant to be a temporary solution. However, as production progressed, this particular workflow surpassed the client’s expectations. So much so, they fully entrusted Keywords Studios to take on the job.

With this setup in place, we enabled the client to:

  • Leverage the experience of the in-sourced Localization Manager to lead an ambitious localization effort of 8 languages.
  • Count on a dedicated resource to closely collaborate with, and design all workflows needed, from production to invoicing or LQA.
  • Stay agile and keep a small team focused on their areas of expertise, thus saving time and resources.

Our approach to in-sourcing was to treat our Keywords employees as part of the client’s team from the very beginning. Our Localization Manager ensured streamlined communication and collaboration with the client, which was essential in exceeding expectations for the project.

Having a Keywords resource to leverage also meant the client could quickly access our entire suite of services, without having to micromanage different suppliers.

The Results

This setup was a complete success, as it allowed the client to successfully reach its localization goals for the beta releases and official launch of its game, which have received overwhelmingly positive responses from the media and public upon release.

The solution was so well received and successful that the client has decided to count on Keywords Studios’ partnership as part of its structure for future projects. 

We are proud to say that the expertise we provided has helped shape our client’s journey to game release in a positive way. Through close collaboration, we have put in place workflows that treat localization as a crucial part of the development process and will stand the test of time.

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