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Keywords Studios in Poland Reaches 1,000 Employee Landmark!

Date Published: 05/05/2022

We spent some time with Fulvio Sioli, Regional Managing Director for Europe, and Patrycja Szwed, Senior HR Manager to discuss the latest milestone for Keywords in Katowice, Poland as they reached the 1,000 employee milestone.

Keywords Studios in Poland recently reached 1,000 employees! How would you sum up such a fantastic achievement?

Fulvio: Determination, commitment and vision. Those are the ingredients that made this achievement possible. It has not been an easy journey and we learned and adjusted a lot along the way. However, the team never lost sight of the end goal which was to make Katowice a reference studio for Keywords Studios worldwide. It’s been a fantastic effort from the whole team.

Patrycja: Not many companies can really say their organisation has grown from 40 employees to 1,000 in less than 4 years. This is amazing growth. We hire wonderful people that contribute to creating a diverse, multinational and fun work culture where everyone can give their best to deliver for our clients.

What has influenced this growth over the last few years?

P: Katowice is a location of great potential with many educational establishments and is also culturally appealing, this attracts young people not only from Poland but from abroad as well. We take great pride in giving young, ambitious professionals their first experience in the gaming industry, this is integral to our growth.

F: Yes, Katowice is a modern city that has been able to expand and grow from a mining-based economy to service-based in less than 20 years. Competitive salaries and high demand for the services we provide have reinforced this growth in a big way.

Can you take us through the different services our studio in Katowice specialises in?

F: Our office in Katowice specialises in three post-production services. Player Support is a post-sales service we provide to our clients, supporting the players and assisting them in resolving their issues and supporting in moderating communication channels. Functionality and Localization Quality Assurance ensure a top-class experience for all gamers from a testing, game functionality and language perspective. Our LQA services are performed by native language testers and provide a distinctive value for any video game.

P: A special mention as well for Support Functions which acts as our fourth services team in Katowice. Every day, the team supports in resolving HR-related queries, providing IT support and ensuring a comfortable working environment for our employees so they can enjoy their work every day.

What Keywords activities are you most excited for in 2022?

P: There is so much going on here at Keywords on a daily basis that it is difficult to single them out! I’m truly excited about our move to a brand new office in the Global Office Park in Katowice. It will position us for further growth from an office space perspective and provide our employees with an awesome environment to make their experience at Keywords even more productive and enjoyable.

What does the future hold for Keywords in Poland?

F: Katowice has become our largest studio in Europe in just a few years and a reference point for many of our clients. On one hand, we will continue to provide timely, consistent and quality deliveries in line with our client’s expectations. On the other, there are ambitions to keep growing and to add new services to our portfolio. Our leadership team is already leading us towards this target.

If you are interested in a role at Keywords Studios in Poland, you can find current open positions on our Careers page.