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Thought Leadership

Choosing the Right Chinese Localisation for Your Game

Date Published: 10/08/2022

Video game translation has the power to unite communities and provide global audiences with the immersive experiences that they deserve. At Keywords, we make this possible for our clients through our talented team of experts, all highly skilled in the art of linguistics.

Three of our specialists in this field, Atticus Lai, Mengru Tsai and Wing Yan Tang, recently sat down with our Localization team to offer some insights into the intricacies of translating to Chinese, the world’s most spoken language.

Game localisation to Chinese must consider its vast demographic reach, the existence of two main character sets (Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese), as well as the immense number of different dialects and variants used.

Our expert linguists delve into all of this and much more in this special two-part interview:

The differences between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese sub-variants and its effects on localisation 

Working as an English into Chinese linguist and translator in the video game industry

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