12th Apr 2018

GBTN – The Trusted Testing Network for Games Titles

At Keywords Studios we understand the importance of a new game release optimally performing in real-world scenarios. Our Global Beta Test Network (GBTN) can perform structured live-play scenario tests across all major game platforms and devices to help ensure launch success.

Covering a full range of testing requirements and with 20,000 gamers in 40+ countries, GBTN is Keywords’ exclusive, private community of thousands of beta testers from around the world.

From matchmaking and stress, to usability, connection and client-customised performance checks, our community participates in private betas via their own personal consoles and ISP’s in their home environments, thoroughly testing games in a controlled manner and “in the wild” immediately before the game goes live.

Check out the video below to learn more about Keywords’ GBTN and contact us to explore our full range of Functionality QA service offerings.


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