- 30th Sep 2020

What is Audio Description and why does it matter?Digital Event

This event has now passed but don’t worry as you haven’t missed out, you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

About this Live Event

Descriptive Video Works, a Keywords studio, talked about the wonders of Audio Description(AD): a complex art form that is also a crucial part of cultural and educational accessibility. 

In addition, Shawn Marsolais, Founder of Blind Beginnings joined the panel as guest speaker.

The team shared the history of AD, how it is made, and why it matters.

Experience for yourself what TV, movies and games are like for people who are blind or low vision and learn about all the other people AD can help – including you!

Key Takeaways

  1. The history of AD.
  2. What TV is like for people who are blind or low vision.
  3. How might AD work for video games and other growth opportunities.

About the Presenters

Presenters bios: Diane Johnson, CEO of Descriptive Video Works and Rhys Lloyd, General Manager of Descriptive Video Works.
Presenters bios: Melissa Hope, Project Management & Client Services at Descriptive Video Works and Sarah Mennell, Audio Description writer & live describer at Descriptive Video Works.
Guest Speaker: Shawn Marsolais, founder of Blind Beginnings.

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