- 29th Jul 2020

Video Games & Mobile Apps: Your Essential Guide to Privacy and TrackingDigital Event

This event has now passed but don’t worry you haven’t missed out, you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

About this Event

Video games saw huge additional growth across all platforms as many parts of the world moved into lockdown to combat Covid-19. New and existing consumers rushed to buy hardware and games driving massive increases in revenues and setting new records.

According to Superdata, a Nielsen company, April saw the highest ever monthly digital games sales of $10.5B with May remaining 14% above the same period in 2019. These sales are being driven by 2.6 Billion gamers around the world downloading more games and content than ever before, who in the process are leaving a digital footprint of personal information. With this surge in demand it’s a good time to review our practices in handling all this personal information and ensuring there is compliance with data protection legislation.

During this event you will learn how privacy in video games and mobile apps remains an important concern: player consent is required but how many people really read the terms and conditions? How effective are they? And what are the implications for games companies and mobile apps with so much emphasis currently on privacy and tracking?

View this live panel discussion in partnership with The Trust Bridge featuring guest speaker, Neil Westwood from Simmons & Simmons.

Key Takeaways

1. How to mitigate risk of data regulation contravention

2. Understand if your organisation is aligned 

3. How to create a competitive advantage by creating engagement and consumer trust

About the Presenters

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