- 16th Jul 2020

Recording in the Closet: The Art of Pivot.Digital Event

This event has now passed but don’t worry you haven’t missed out, you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

About this Live Event

Did you know that there are currently no commercially available sound libraries of women’s voices exclusively? So, what do you do when you are challenged with creating the sound for Mrs. America, an American drama mini-series starring Cate Blanchett, set in the 1970’s?  

Scott Gershin, Sound Supervisor and Sound Designer at Sound Lab, a Keywords studio, and his Walla group, Mark Sussman, Patty Connolly and Erin Myles from The Loop Squad held a live panel discussion. They told the tale of how they carefully planned the recording of the voices of Mrs. America, only to be foiled by Covid-19 and the new social distancing mandate.  They shared how they went from recording in a specifically selected ADR studio for episodes 1-8 to suddenly needing to record literally “in the actors’ closets” at home during Covid-19, to complete the show’s finale episode. 

How did they keep it all together, meet the scheduled deadline and maintain the creative quality of the previous episodes?  Watch now to find out.

Key Takeaways

1. Overcoming the challenges of creating authentic and diversified sounds of women in the 1970’s when there are no available sound libraries with this specific content.

2. How to remain flexible and retain creative excellence in the face of an extreme challenge

3. Learn how this team collaborated and pulled it all together in a pinch.

About the Presenters

Read Scott’s interview with Post Magazine here.

Learn more about Keywords Audio Services.

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