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Media & Entertainment

Dubbing & Voice-Over

State-of-the-art studios located around the world.

Keywords Studios provides streaming platforms, broadcasters, content distributors and producers with direct access to a team of seasoned and passionate dubbing and voice-over professionals. 

We can facilitate all aspects of dubbing and voice production, including: 

  • Talent casting & negotiations
  • Celebrity acquisition
  • Script & song adaptation
  • Voice direction & recording
  • Original voice production
  • Mixing
  • Flexible, secure & transparent project management
  • Trailers & supplementals
  • ADR
  • Facial Capture

Our Dubbing & Voice-Over Studios

  • Keywords Studios in LA
  • Keywords Studios in France
  • Keywords Studios in Spain
  • Keywords Studios in Mexico
  • Keywords Studios in Brazil

To understand more around our regional capabilities please visit here.

The Power of Partnership: Our Clients