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Environment Art Director 环境艺术总监

Environment Art Director 环境艺术总监


We are looking for a person who is passionate about 3D art, the ‘big picture’ of art direction, and knows how to extrapolate on creative direction notes to keep asset production ‘on look’ and cohesive. The candidate will be comfortable moving from style to style and identifying the key stylistic characteristics across a variety of projects. They will also be comfortable with the language of art direction and can confidently give feedback as well as ask the right questions of the team or the client.

As Art Director, you will work closely with the local production team. You would also have possibilities working with multiple studios and getting to know the latest gaming animation production procedures. We work together to get anything done within a clients’ pipeline to fulfil any request from start to finish. Hopefully they can not only collaborate with teams from all over the world but also can build trust within teams.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understand client’s requirements and artistic style of various projects. Provide art guidance for Chinese production team 了解客户需求,把握各种项目美术风格,为中国艺术制作团队提供美术方面的指导
  • Responsible/answer to the client for the visual direction and QC of work. 为客户提供视觉艺术方向,控制工作质量
  • Building rapport, trust, and clear lines of communication with clients. 与客户之间建立融洽、信任和清晰的沟通渠道
  • Help with estimation, team feedback and pipeline development. 协助估算项目时间, 传达客户艺术反馈并建立流程
  • Leading teams of artists by instruction and setting example. 通过指导和设定榜样领导艺术家团队。
  • Define and communicate the key components of the project style and design. 定义和沟通项目风格和设计的关键组成部分
  • Collaborate with different 3D Art teams, coordinate resources and projects between multiple internal Chinese and external teams and studios. 与不同3D艺术团队合作,在内部中国团队和外部团队/工作室之间协调资源和项目


  • Competitive salary and benefits 有竞争力的薪资和福利
  • Fun working environment 充满趣味的工作环境
  • Working with the biggest names in the gaming industry 与游戏界知名企业合作

Privacy Notice 声明:

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Experience & Requirements

  • Passionate about games, proven 3+ years art leadership working experience as in either the game industry or related entertainment industry. 热爱游戏,在游戏公司或影视动画等相关行业拥有3年以上艺术总监相关经验
  • Excellent Chinese and English (written and verbal) skills. 优秀的中英文能力(书面和口语)
  • Strong game production work experience showcasing top quality work. 丰富的游戏制作经验来展示顶级作品
  • Ability to work in multiple software packages and game engines (i.e. 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Unreal, Unity). 能运用多种软件和游戏引擎工作(如 3DS Max、Maya、Zbrush、Unreal、Unity)
  • Expert understanding of industry standard techniques and tools. 对行业标准技术和工具的有专业的理解
  • Excellent communication skills, with an understanding for the value of listening to as well as providing feedback, confidence to ask the right questions. 具备出色的沟通能力,了解倾听和提供反馈的重要性,敢于提出正确的问题
  • Team Player, quick learner and self-motivated. 团队合作者,快速学习者,自驱性强
  • Enthusiasm to expand knowledge in keeping with industry evolution. 热衷于扩展知识以适应行业发展

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